The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 64: Captains

    The first to rush to the gate was the captain of the 10th Division, Tōshirō Hitsugaya.

    When he saw the massive army ahead, his expression changed dramatically.

        “Indeed, so many!”

    Now there was no doubt about the danger they were facing.

    “stop them! you can’t let them go further!”

    With a heavy look in his eyes, Hitsugaya pulled out his Zanpakuto and strode forward, bursting out powerful energy waves all over his body.

    ” Bankai; Daiguren Hyōrinmaru!”

    He had completely released his power even if it is still the beginning of the battle.

    The cold burst out in an instant, the air kept rustling, and the blue ice crystal particles quickly condensed, and a huge ice dragon appeared behind Hitsugaya.

    “be careful, don’t be impulsive!”

    “The enemy is strong and difficult to deal with!”

Hitsugaya, who had released all his powers at once, said in a deep voice to Rangiku Matsumoto and the members of the 10th Division.

The solemnity and seriousness of his words made them very nervous.

in terms of quantity, they were nothing compared to the army in front of them, which made them shudder. It was just suicide for them.

    The next second, Hitsugaya rose into the sky and flew quickly toward the gate.

    With the ice dragon wings, it was almost instantly and he had already reached the sky above the Utopia Army.

    Looking down from above, Hitsugaya saw the number of Shinigami of Utopia with his own eyes, and he narrowed his eyes again, feeling awe-inspiring.

    At the same time, the powerful Captain-level officers below, some people looked up and stared at him.

     “Soul Society captain?”  

   “Based on intelligence, he is Tōshirō Hitsugaya, the captain of the 10th Division in the Gotei 13, holds the strongest snow Zanpakuto, Hyōrinmaru!”  

“I didn’t expect that he would be the first to come!”

After a quick conversation, the eyes of the powerful officers of Utopia all rose sharply.     At this moment, Hitsugaya was already holding his Zanpakuto in both hands, took a deep breath, and waved it down.

     ” Sennen Hyōrō(Thousand Years’ Ice Prison)!” In an instant, Ice crystals condensed and created Ice pillars, spreading for thousands of meters, encircling many Shinigami.


    “crush!” The void shook, and the Pillars quickly extended, sealing everything in it.

    In this scene, the pillars were enveloping them, the Strong Shinigami who occupied the territory were all shocked and looked up to the front.

The majestic and tall pillars made their pupils shrink.

“Get rid of him!”

    Qing Feng’s eyes were cold and severe, and he commanded lightly.

    In the next second, someone rushed into the void immediately.


    Along with a loud shout, a red flame swept out, and a huge, winged fire dragon appeared from nowhere, Then the flame wings rushed towards Hitsugaya.

    “You have ice, I have lava, I’m your arch-nemesis!”

    Hitsugaya looked at the red-haired man with killing intent in his eyes, his pupils shrinking.

    Captain-level, this man undoubtedly reached the captain-level, his Reiatsu is powerful and terrifying.

What worries him is that in addition to this person, there are more than a dozen officers who possess (Advanced Captain-Class) Immense Spiritual Power. Although he was stunned, he asked in a deep voice.

    “Who are you?” squeezed Hyōrinmaru tightly.

    “We are those who will occupy Soul Society!”

“Resistance is useless. You are weak.”

With a smirk, the lava element captain-level Shinigami said, his wings shook on his back, and instantly rushed towards Hitsugaya.


The next second, the two fight in the air, mutual strength, let the white fog diffuse.

    ” Hyōten Hyakkasō(Frozen Heaven Hundred Flower Funeral)!”

    “holy Tree fire!”

    The two confronting each other with their abilities, creating large white fog in the sky, water and flames falling.

    They were engaging and retreating quickly, and collided again and again, but none of them win.

    “This is not good!” Hitsugaya thought.

   just one person has already been able to fight him how about these officers and numerous soldiers.

    At this moment, he finally understood, This is a war that has been planned for a long time, a war against the entire Soul Society.

    But who are these people?

    After the two collided several times again, Hitsugaya had just retreated, his face suddenly changed. He just got injured in his shoulder.

    “too slow, captain!”

    ” Commander Qingfeng is already angry, our time is very precious!”

    Another figure appeared in front of Hitsugaya, making his pupils shrink.

    He is another captain, and his aura is comparable to the one before.

    “Then, please join me to end him quickly!”

    The mockery made Hitsugaya’s eyes squinted, and his heart was sullen.

    Next, the war began again. Only this time, Hitsugaya was completely at a disadvantage.

    “No! There are too many strong people among them!”

    Rangiku Matsumoto saw the two-to-one in the sky, and then saw the Shinigami soldiers who were quickly spreading, and she felt desperate.

    “What should I do?!”

    She became nervous, and with the current situation, the 10th Division would not be able to hold it for long and would be defeated.

    Gradually, more and more Shinigami surged in, and the army approached, putting Rangiku Matsumoto under great pressure.


    She gritted her teeth and suddenly ordered.

    It’s better to save your life than die for nothing.

    But at this very moment, a touch of breeze suddenly blew and touched her robe.

    “but the battle just began!”

a voice of an old man came into her ears, making Rangiku’s whole body shake, and her eyes widened.

    Immediately afterward her robe was fluttering, the aura was majestic.

    After a couple of seconds, more than a dozen figures appeared in front of her already blocking her front.


    ” captains!”

    Rangiku reacted with tears in her eyes.

    At this moment, almost all of the members of the Gotei 13 Divisions arrived!


    “then let’s see these unknown Shinigami.”


    Yamamoto said.