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MDB: Chapter 19 SHIELD Agent

Well, immediately?

Because he had gained all of Goku’s Knowledge, Saint immediately felt his own Ki. He knew that this was the simplest step, but Lorna wasn’t getting it done yet!

Having said that, Saint could actually only claim that he practiced hard for this and he fabricated a good faith lie saying: “It took me a long time Lorna. You are a westerner, you’re not even familiar with the idea; so it’s normal that you take a bit long before learning this. Don’t allow yourself to feel discouraged!”


Over half an hour passed…

“Boss! I feel it! I finally felt it!”

Lorna jumped up from the floor ecstatically saying to herself: “This is my Ki…. So massive…”

Saint secretly wiped the sweat off his forehead. Although he wasn’t using much Ki for every transfer, twenty of those were enough to practically dry him out of energy. Before reaching this point, he even starting doubting Lorna, thinking that she might be perhaps just unable to learn sensing Ki.

“Very well, should familiarize yourself with this feeling. Also, get to know your own Ki. Tomorrow, if all goes well, we’ll start the next step.”

Saint left the room saying to Lorna: “I’ll go prepare the restaurant for the evening shift, and you take your time getting used to this new feeling. Just get down at dinnertime to work!”

“Okay, thank you boss.”

“You are welcome.”

Saint walked out of the quiet room and went down to the first floor. He first prepared the Kitchen, then took a meal and opened the new door.

At this time, Lorna also walked down the stairs. With a bit of a weird expression, she asked Saint: “Boss, you said that my Ki is a hundred times as strong as that of an average person. Well, using the same unit, how strong is yours?”


Saint remained silent for a good while, and was very reluctant before he answered: “Three times…” He was actually rounding up the number heavily, for his Ki was just a bit over twice as much as an ordinary person.

“Only three times…” Lorna’s face looked as if she understood something “I was thinking I was wrong, when perceiving that your Ki is much weaker than mine…”

Saint uncomfortably pouted and answered: “Of course it’s that low, I’m not a mutant.”

Lorna laughed and gathered the confidence to say: “And here I was thinking you’re so extraordinary! And now it turns out you’re not an opponent of mine!”

“Ha… Ha…” Saint laughed coldly, “I’m starting to feel like you don’t want to learn Ki Masking!”

“Aw, boss is too stingy, and can’t take joke!”

“Okay let’s stop the nonsense! Start working!”

“There are no costumers yet!”


The two stared at it each other, until Saint silently retreated. After a short while, Peter, who had just left school, hurriedly arrived. As time went by, more and more people arrived, and Saint had to work hard to serve all the costumers until 9 pm.”

Next, a calm week went by. With Kung Fu Barbecue, Lee’s Chinese restaurant remained very popular. Saint was able to make a daily pure profit of over 500 dollars. Not the Hand, the Hatchet Gang or the NYPD came in to bother him, and he felt that the storm brought by Joy Meachum’s arrival had passed with no consequences.

On the morning of the 8th day, someone that Saint never wanted to encounter appeared at the door of his shop.

“No way……”

A middle-aged man walked through the door.

Saint frowned, saying to himself: “What happened…. I’ve been keeping very low-key these days!” (T/N: Yep, magically cooking meat is very low key XD)

This middle-aged man had a black suit on, black hair that was meticulously brushed to the side, and gentle smile on his face; he looked completely harmless. However, Saint knew very well that he was going to be the biggest trouble he had encountered since crossing over to the World of Marvel.

Saint quietly sensed his Ki, and found that it was at least one and half time as much as a regular man. This made him rank high among ordinary humans of this world. This was completely opposite what Saint thought.

“Hello there.” The middle aged man went straight to Saint, keeping a smile on his face and saying: “Mr Saint Lee?”

“Yes, hi!” Saint greeted him and said in a low voice: “And you are?”

The middle aged man reached out to the inside pocket of his suit, pulling out a badge and saying: “Phil Coulson, FBI. I’m here to investigate a case. Can I talk to you now?”

‘Haha! So, since you’re in the USA, you’re FBI. If we were abroad, you’d be from the CIA? SHIELD agents, they like their role-playing!”

Saint sneered and resisted his impulse to vomit saying: “Of course! Please, take a test!” He pointed at the nearest table.

Phil Coulson sat down and looked at Saint saying: “Mr Lee, seven days ago, the co-director of Rand Enterprises, Joy Meachum, came to your restaurant. The restaurant was attacked on that day by 6 people, four of whole were subdued on the spot. I want to know, who beat them?”

“If I say I don’t know, i’d be obstructing justice won’t I?” Seeing Phil smile and nod, he helplessly admitted: “I did it!”

Phil Coulson was not surprised at all. It was obvious from his investigation that it should’ve been Saint. From his briefcase, he took out four injury reports. He laid them on the table, saying: “There are medical reports on what happened to the attackers. The one with the lightest injuries had three broken ribs, and the forensic doctor thought that he was hit by a car running at 60 miles an hour. Of course, you know all too well that it wasn’t a car. So please, tell me of the means you’ve used to subdue them.”

Saint pouted to the side, and after hearing that long story he said: “I used my hands, Kung Fu.”

Phil Coulson narrowed his eyes: “Mr. Lee, I have to remind you that lying to me in the process of obtaining evidence constitutes a violation of the federal law!”

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