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MDB: Chapter 20 Coulson and May

“Believe what you want agent Coulson. Now, if you may, I’m busy, and don’t have time to chit-chat.” Saint calmly said.

Phil did not seem bothered, and he smiled as usual saying: “Mr Lee, do you know of ‘Aliens’ or ‘Mutants’?”

“I know about mutants.” Saint felt he had to lie: “I haven’t heard of aliens existing.”

Phil nodded and said: “A detailed explanation would be too long, but in simple terms, aliens are extra-terrestrials, and Mutants are human beings who have awakened super powers through Genetic mutations. Once one of the two is located, they would be assessed for their danger level, and depended on that, they might be arrested, imprisoned, monitored, or anything else that would serve to insure the safety of the people.”

“I get it now!” Saint sneered: “You think that I might be a mutant!”

“Or an alien.” Phil Coulson added obsessively, and then said, “Mr. Lee, if you can, please prove to me that your ‘Kung Fu’ could achieve the feats I’ve told you about. Otherwise, I would have to ask you to take a trip with us.

“Us?” Saint turned around unconsciously and said: “You’re not alone?”

Phil politely threatened him: “I’m very sorry, I failed to tell you! On the other side of the street, there’s an entire team of heavily armed personnel. Of course, as long as you cooperate with me Mr. Lee, they will not rush in.”


Saint remained silent, then he said reluctantly: “So if I prove that it’s just Kung Fu, you’ll not bother me!”

“Absolutely!” Phil nodded: “You’ve protected Joy Meachum in an act of legitimate defense. So far, you have not violated any federal law. As long as you can confirm that you are no Alien or Mutant, I have no reason to bother you.”

“Alright, shake my hand.”

Phil Coulson looked at Saint’s extended arm, and asked hesitantly: “Mr. Lee, what do you mean?”

Saint impatiently explained: “I said I used Kung Fu, and that relies on harnessing my Ki. You are not eastern so you won’t understand, and I can hardly explain it to you in words. A much faster way it get you to feel it! I’ll be using Ki transfer to get you to feel my body’s Ki through physical contact.”

Phil hesitated, and finally extended his arm reluctantly. He touched Saints hand saying: “So…. SHIT!”

He could help but swear and pull back his arm quickly as if electrocuted, and then he looked straight at his fingers: “This… This….”

“This is Ki. But man, your hand was sweaty!” Saint awkwardly wiped his hand: “You don’t have to be nervous. This is normal, you’re using a new sense you’ve never used before; Ki Sense!”

After a while, Phil regained his composure saying: “Mr. Lee, if you don’t mind, I want to bring a colleague of mine.”

“And what if I do mind?”

Phil ignored Saint completely, raising his right arm to his earpiece: “May, come in!”

After a short while, an Asian woman wearing a black tight-fitting combat uniform walked in through the door. She didn’t look that young, but her face retained its charm. Her figure was slender and athletic, and her curves were very symmetrical. The soft and rigid aspects of her look came together perfectly, to give her a unique esthetic sense.

On the sides of her plump thighs was a pair of semi automatic pistols. Her eyes were particularly sharp and her gaze was Icy, giving a sense of pride.

Saint did not have to speculate about her identity. This was “Melinda May”, a senior SHIELD agent, an experienced soldier, spy, fighter and driver. She’s been a partner of Phil Coulson for a long time.

“Ha ha.” Saint laughed and looked at Phil Coulson, pointing at Melinda: “Agent Coulson, if I’m not wrong, I believe this is your heavily armed team that’s been waiting outside?”

Phil did not answer this question. He introduced May: “Mr. Lee, this is special agent May, a Chinese like you, with knowledge in Kung Fu. Please explain this matter of Ki to her.

Saint looked a Melinda and asked in Chinese: “What do you practice? Wing Chun perhaps? And Baji Quan?”

Melinda was taken aback! She had only made a few steps since meeting Saint and he guessed to of her fighting styles. The choice was so detailed; it was too accurate to be a coincidence. She replied in Mandarin: “Good eye you have there!”

Indeed, Saint had a great eye, on the characters of the series he used to watch! He put his hand forward saying: “I’ll not explain to much. Ki is a form of Like Energy. All living beings have it. However, they differ, and some have stronger Ki than others. The purpose of martial arts is to harness said Ki and use it to its full potential. This way, one could break his own limits. Is the idea clear?”

“You’re talking about ‘Neigong’ (Internal Skill). Internal strength is just a legend; it does not exist at all!”

“Nope, you just don’t know of its existence!”

Saint once again stretched out his arm: “Give me your hand.”

After a few moments, she did exactly this like Phil Coulson did before, staring straight at her fingers and saying: “This… This…”

Phil Coulson did not understand anything of the conversation between the two, and he asked May: “What are you saying?”


Melinda May recovered from the shock, and said dubiously: “I can’t be completely sure, but what he said is likely to be true. This feeling coincides with ancient tails about this legendary Internal Energy, and I can’t find another explanation!”

“Alright! Coulson nodded and turned to Saint: “Mr. Lee, we’ll believe your version of the story for the time being. However, could you provide us with a blood sample? After all, we don’t have evidence that your tale is real!”

“After so much time, I still have to give a blood sample?”

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