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MDB: Chapter 21 Over-acting

Saint stared at Phil awkwardly saying: “If I was going to end up giving a blood sample anyway, why waste so much of my time? You could’ve asked me to fart if it was going to save me all that hassle!”

“Haha” Coulson laughed and said with a slightly embarrassed face: “Before getting a good idea about you, I couldn’t ask for the blood sample. Usually, whenever we bring up the blood sample question, whoever is actually an Alien or Mutant would be very agitated…”

“Alright, let’s get through with this!”

Saint extended his arm, picking up his sleeve and saying: “Launch time will start soon. I would appreciate your departure from here after this…. unless you want a meal!”

Coulson did not hesitate, taking out a box with metal casing from his briefcase. Obviously, he was prepared. In the box was a pistol-shaped blood-collection instrument. He pointed the gun at Saint Arm and clicked its button, easily and neatly collecting his blood.

“Excuse me!” Coulson meticulously took the blood sample and got up saying to Saint: “We will send the blood sample to the lab now. After the results, we will come back to contact you. During this time, please don’t leave New York.”

“Agent Coulson, am I still a suspect now?” Saint muttered, and then he got up leading the two to the door saying: “This way, thanks for the visit!”


Phil and Milenda exchanged a look, and then walked out of the restaurant side by side. When they got away, Coulson asked: “May, what do you think about this Saint Lee?”

Melinda sneered and said: “He’s hiding something!”

“Oh, don’t you think what he mentioned about Ki is true?” Phil smiled.

“Actually, that bit should not be fake. He wouldn’t provide blood samples so happily if he was an alien or a Mutant. But his attitude; it’s too bad!” Melinda continued her analysis: “He wants to prove his innocence with that, like he has nothing to fear. But he’s trying too hard, and it shows his guilt instead. I think he’s hiding something very important to us!

Phil smiled and joked: “So it was so obvious? I though only I noticed.”

Melinda squinted at him with no smile on her face: “Coulson, seriously! His claims are outrageous beyond your understanding! Yes, there are legends of things comparable to what he calls Ki, but that’s supposed to take a life-time to master. This kid is 19 years old! He’s already beyond the human tier. If you give him a few years, how strong will he be? Moreover, he just says: I’m practicing Kung Fu! People like him should even have their own style!”

Phil shrugged with a smile: “This is not a problem we should worry about. Write your thoughts into the report, and sent it to the guys on top!”

“Humph! I don’t like the kid! Whether he’s pretending or not; I hate the look in his eyes!” May said as she looked at the banner of his restaurant.

“What look? The one that says ‘I can beat you up in a second if I wanted to’? That look?” Phil Coulson revealed a quirky expression: “I shouldn’t have to remind you, he probably could! We don’t know very well, but from the injury report, this kid’s punching power should be comparable to that of the Captain!”

“That’s what’s driving me insane the most! I really want to just shoot a bullet at him and see if he’s defense is also comparable to Captain America!”

“…..Let’s not waste time. We’ll get his test to the lab, and then we’ll work with whatever test results we find out.”

“Alright, but bring a Special Force Team with you next time. That kid is too arrogant, he needs a good scare! I barely keep myself from reaching to my gun around him!”


At that time, totally oblivious to how far a woman’s sense of revenge could get, Saint was walking back and forth, wondering how SHIELD, out of all government agencies, was the one to track him. “Those guys are like leeches; I’ll never get away from their surveillance now! Anyway… they must not know of the Dragon Balls!”

Saint regained his composure, looking at the 5-star Tattoo on the back of his hand and saying: at this speed, it won’t take the Dragon Balls more than two weeks before they are full charged. Then, it’s all about finding them!”

“Boss?” Lorna entered through the door and saw the unusually agitated Saint and wondered: “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Saint answered coldly.He looked at the time, then wondered: “How come you’re here so early today?”

“It’s because…”

Lorna decided to let her actions speak; she revealed a smug smile and spread her arm saying: “Boss, look!”

Saint frowned and looked at Lorna, his eyes wandering from head to toe and said: “What do you want me to see? Did your ‘assets’ finally start to develop? I can’t see them yet…”

“…” Lorna’s smile disappeared in an instant, and she unconsciously looked down at her chest before clenching her fists and yelling: “Bastard! What the hell are you talking about? I want you to see my Ki!”

“Telling me to ‘look’ for her Ki? After all I thought her about Ki sense?”

Saint activated Ki Sense, but found nothing! It was as if the one standing before him was nothing but an illusion.

“Congratulations! You’ve finally learned ‘Ki Masking’!” Saint said in a dry tone and with a blank expression, and then said almost angrily: “It took you a whole week to learn such a simple skill! I really don’t know what you’re all proud about it!”

“Haven’t you had enough Boss? I said you’re weak a week ago! How long will it take until you let go of this grudge?”

“Who’s holding a grudge? I’m just telling you about things how they are! You know how long it took me to learn this? Half an hour; HALF AN HOUR!”

“Bullshit!” Lorna did not believe him at all, and tried to taunt him with a sneer: “I’ve heard Sensei saying you’ve met this Kame Sennin 10 years ago. A decade of training, and you’re still this weak! Gee, I don’t think you have any talent at all!”

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