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MDB: Chapter 22 Lee Family Meal


Saint had a voice within him yelling: ‘Have you gone mad! Indeed, I’ve practiced for a few days only! But… that should not get out! Otherwise, everything would be exposed….’

“I told her that?”

Lorna smiled and said: “Boss, angry again? Well next time, let’s change the pattern: I’ll threaten to stop training with you, and you look down on me!”

“Alright!” Saint laughed, then said seriously: “On your training, you must learn how to walk before you could run. You’re still at the beginning. When you can mask your Ki as naturally as you could sense it, I’ll teach you how to control the Degree of Ki Masking.”

After spending many days with him, Lorna finally understood that whenever Saint is talking seriously, it’s never nonsense. She nodded seriously saying: “I know, boss, I’ll do my best!”

“Great!” Saint nodded and then said: “You’ve come here early today. So, come with me to the Kitchen and help with the side dishes.”

“Boss, I think you’re getting lazy, making everyone do your usual work.”

“Hey, a staff use meant to be worked!”

“… Coldhearted boss!”

Half an hour later, Saint prepared a lot of raw meat, putting it on a big place, and made a large bowl of salad. He left the Kitchen, with the meat in hand saying to Lorna: “Call Peter, and tell him that if he doesn’t come in time, he’ll miss the Family meal; he’d have to eat the cold leftovers.”

“Oh!” Lorna put the pot of rice she had in hand down, took out her phone and started typing the number, just when she heard the chimes of the door. She turned around to see Peter rushing through shouting: “Boss… I’m… I’m here!”


Saint responded with a dull voice, sitting down on the chair in from off the table and using Ki to cook the meat. Although he had witnessed this countless times by now, Peter still get dumbfounded by it every time. He was lost in thought: “This should not work! It should be scientifically impossible. Even if it’s like the boss said, some natural life energy being emitted, the rate of the emission was very fast, and it should cause Saint’s body to burst. And how come the energy is so pure? There’s also….”

“Peter!” Lorna shouted and woke Peter from his daze: “What are you doing standing up like that?! Hurry up and change your clothes! We won’t wait for you!”

“Oh!” Peter was scared and nodded turning quickly: “I will go! Lorna!”

This poor child, who was scared to death by Lorna’s yell, looked to Saint like he’d never turn around his life, even if bit by a certain spider.

Saint looked at Peter, and picked up the one pair of Chopsticks on the table. He nodded to Lorna saying: “Bonne appétit!”

She sat down on the opposite side of Saint, picked up a fork and knife, and started eating. She suddenly asked: “Boss, why do you call our work meal a Family Meal? Is it a Chinese tradition?”

Saint shook his head, giving what seemed like a random answer: “No. I’m the boss, so I just call it as I like, Hahaha!”


Lorna opened her mouth silently, biting into the barbeque. As she was about to chew, she heard him say: “We’re all orphans… Wouldn’t it be good to have a ‘family meal’?”


Lorna chewed the meat, and went in for more, saying: “It good…”

At this time, Peter, who had changed his clothes, appeared in front of the table with his hands wet. He pulled a chair and sat down complaining: “Boss, can’t we reschedule our family meal for a little later? I’ve already had two warnings for running hazardously in school…”

Saint was about to reject his request, when he saw Lorna winking at him, putting her hand on Peter’s should: “Peter, stop asking for too much! The customers will start walking in really soon. When do you want us to eat?”

“Lorna, how can you stand on boss’s side? Both of us are employees who are being exploited by him; we should stick together!”

“Just shut up! and eat!”

“Cough… Peter, you think you’re being exploited? Well, about the plates you broke the other day, perhaps I can dedu…”

“No no! Boss! I’m in the wrong!”

After the three quarreled over the “Family meal”, Lorna cleaned the table, Peter cleaned the tableware, and Saint… sat down lazily eating.

Saint had established the roles he wanted: He cooks, they clean!

After a short while, as the first costumer walked in, Saint went quickly into the kitchen, put on a clean chef’s apron, and started working. After 2 pm, he removed the now dirty apron, and asked Lorna: “Lorna, have you gone to the Dojo recently? I haven’t seen Colleen come to eat for a few days! Feels a bit wrong!”

“Oh, boss, you didn’t know?” Lorna said to Saint, teasing him: “Master had met a wealthy 2nd generation billionaire! The two went to China, on a vacation, on his… private… jet!”

“China… Danny Rand?” Saint frowned and hurriedly asked: “When did this happen?”

Lorna smirked and said: “Don’t be so nervous, boss! They just went on a vacation together, it shouldn’t mean anything; you still have a chance!”

“Not that!” Saint’s face was serious; “Lorna, just answer me! Danny Rand is not just some billionaire, he’s Kunlun’s Iron Fist, and the Hand’s enemy! If Colleen went to China with him, it wouldn’t be just a vacation, and it’s likely to be dangerous! Now, tell me, when did this happen?”

“Four days ago…” Lorna was shocked. After honestly answering, a stream of questions came out of her mouth: “You’re scaring me boss; Sensei is in danger? What kind of Danger? What’s Kunlun, and what about this Hand thing?”

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