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MDB: Chapter 4 The Mystical “Kame Style”

“Boss Lee, you haven’t answered my question.”

“Sorry for being so rude, I’ve been quite surprised.” Hearing Danny, Saint apologized, and then nodded acknowledging: “Yes, I can use Ki to cook the Barbecue.

Danny Rand looked at him with a dubious suspicion. He couldn’t keep himself from asking: “If you can, can I see it for myself?”

“Of course you can.”

Saint gently bowed his head, and pointed to a table in the store: “Please take seat, I’ll make you the dish on your table. How many pounds do you want?”

Danny sat down, picked up the menu on the table and ordered in the authentic Chinese customs: “Two catties of beef please, half a catty of white wine, and a stack of side dishes.”

“Alright, coming right up!”

Saint walked into the kitchen, sliced half a catty of raw beef, skillfully slicing it into thin slices. He then greased it, sprinkled it with spices, and plated it. He then took out the wine and made the side dishes and walked back with the tray.

Danny Rand saw that he didn’t bring over any charcoal or mini stove, and couldn’t help but ask: “Boss Lee, how can you barbecue the meat without fire?”

Saint smiled as he put the plate of raw meat on the table, and said: “Mr Rand, you should also know about the power of Ki. A flame is nothing compared to it.”

Danny was shocked and before he could ask further questions, Saint put his right hand over the meat. Just like that, the air beneath his palm started whirling!

A soft “sizzle” started to come out from the dining table. Under the horrified watchful eye of Danny Rand, the slice of meat started curling quickly, and thickening up. A rich aroma spread out, dancing in the air, and tickling his nose.

By the time Saint retracted his hand, the raw meat underneath his hands was “magically” transformed into cooked food. This incredible ability was a rather basic method of Muten Roshi’s “Kame Style”. It was basic “external release” of Ki, simply releasing it from the body, resulting in the production of heat.


Danny felt the heat wave, and he couldn’t help but sigh and shout: “This is incredible!”

“Please enjoy!”

Saint had happy smile on his face. He had been spending the past week practicing “Ki External Release”. In his heart, he was very proud, though, for his Ki was too weak, he could only use this technique within the range of a few centimeters…

“Please stay!”

Danny shouted at Saint who was about to turn around and leave, he stood up from his chair and solemnly saluted him with his fist against his palm. Obviously, because of his unique skill, Saint had gained his recognition: “I’m sorry! I haven’t introduced myself properly. Humble Danny Rand, K’un-Lun’s Immortal Iron Fist.”


Even though he had long guessed Danny’s identity, Danny pretended to be surprised, and returned the salute, compiling a biography for himself: “I have heard a lot of your name from a long time. I the Kame School last disciple: Saint Lee. I’m honored to witness the modern Iron Fist!”

“Kame School…”

Danny certainly had never heard of this school from of another world, and was quite embarrassed for a moment then said: “Li… Brother, forgive my ignorance!”

“No need to be so polite, just call me Saint.” Saint waved his hand and started to fabricate a story: “In fact, at Kame School we conceal our presence from the world just like K’un-Lun. We go to even greater lengths to do so. The fact that you haven’t heard of my school is absolutely normal, and doesn’t bother me at all!”

“So that’s the case! Please, just call me Danny too.”

Danny nodded showing he understood, and asked with respect: “Saint, you’re so young, you’re so young, yet you’ve already master the use of Ki to such a great extent. Is the Kame Style so strong?”

“No, no…” Saint quickly shook his head. “To be honest, you’ve misunderstood. My Ki is actually very weak. If you use the power of the invincible Iron Fist, I’d be no opponent of you at all!”

His words implied that if Danny wouldn’t use the power of the Iron Fist, Saint could fight his rather equally. After all, the reason why Danny’s Ki was so superior to his was the fact that he had that power. If that factor was to be excluded, the gap between the two would become very minimal, and they should at least become equally matched. After all, despite the fact that Saint was still weak, he was still much more proficient in using Ki, for the Dragon Ball World was far more advanced in that regard compared to K’un-Lun.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Saint, who had Goku’s lifelong knowledge, had a great edge from the very beginning, one that could allow him to defeat much stronger foes despite his weakness.

However, Danny did not catch the hint at all. He looked at the barbecue on the table and said with disbelief: “Saint, you’re being too modest. I could practice for another ten years without becoming able to do what you just did!”

“Indeed, that would be the case for me as well didn’t have Goku’s knowledge…”

Saint muttered that in his heart, then said: “I’m not being modest, I way be above you in term of skill, but using “Ki Sense”, counting the power of the Iron Fist, the Ki you have in your body is over ten times as much as mine! My skill could in no way surpass that gap.”

“Ki Sense?”

Danny’s eyes became bright and he wanted to continue to talk. As soon as Saint said: “Ki Sense is…”, another guest went through the door.

Saint made an apologetic gesture, and turned to greed the guest: “Welcome sir, what do you want to order?”

The big bellied white man was about to order, when Danny grabbed him and gave him a hundred dollar bill saying: “I’m sorry, this store is closed today!”

Seeing the face of Benjamin Franklin on the bill in his hand, the man realized that he could get 10 meals with this amount of money, and turned around leaving without looking back.

Danny closed the store door and hanged the “Closed” sign, turned to look at the gloomy Saint handing him a black credit card saying: “I am sorry for being so rude. Please don’t mind. I just have some questions and I want to have some of your time, and I’m willing to compensate you for a month’s income in exchange!”

Ow, doesn’t Danny have a lot of money?

Saint narrowed his eyes, and rolled up his sleeve and stretched out his arm. After receiving the credit card, he billed Danny for a whole 10,000$ without hesitation. After handing back the credit card, he said: “On top of this, I want you to promote my barbecue shop!”

“No problem!”

Danny Rand nodded in a hurry, and then continued to ask: “Excuse me, what do you mean by the Ki Sense?”

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