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MDB: Chapter 5 Colleen Wing, Daughter of the Dragon

“The thing called Ki Sense…”

Saint took a while to think, trying to find the fitting terminology, then explained briefly: “Any living being has its own Ki. Ki Sense it a technique of focusing to detect it; it’s like having a bio-radar. It’s our unique skill in “Kame School”. I can only tell you so much.

Danny Rand nodded thoughtfully, remaining silent for a while. He then said honestly: “The reality is that I actually left K’un-Lun on my own, and did not learn all there is learn in their style. A lot of my knowledge on Ki is not very clear. If you may, could you tell me more about what not private to your school?”

Thinking of the 10.000 $ that he had received, Saint asked: “What do you want to know?”

Although Rand was a little unruly, he knew the value of school-unique technique. Seeing that Saint did not refuse on the spot, he became overjoyed and immediately asked: “I see that when you use Ki for barbecue, it goes very smoothly. However, whenever I want to summon my body’s Ki, it takes a long time, and sometimes I end up failing. I want to know if there’s anything that could be done for me to enhance my control.”


Having the life knowledge of Goku, he knew the best paths to strength better than anyone. To the hopeful Danny he said two words: “Get beaten!”


Seeing Danny’s questioning eyes, Saint crossed his arms and shrugged his shoulders saying: “The more beatings you get, the faster your defensive instincts get. After all, in the end, it’s all about honing your instincts. Your instinct is what will guide you to controlling your Ki perfectly.”

“So that’s why….”

Danny Rand showed a reminiscing expression and muttered to himself: “It is no wonder that back in K’un-lun, Lei Kung Sensei always hit me…”


Listening to Danny Rand, Saint pointed to the table where the Barbeque was placed and said: “Danny, let’s sit and talk. What else do you want to know?”


Danny Rand sat down again, grabbed a piece of barbecue directly with his hand, placed it into his mouth, and gave a thumbs up for the Holy St.: “Good!”

“Thank you.”

Saint also sat down opposite to Danny, seriously reminding him: “Don’t forget to advertise for me!”

“For sure.”

Danny then wiped his mouth and continued to ask: “About recovering Ki…”

“Ah yeah, recovering Ki…”


The two continued the questioning and answering while eating until it got dark outside. Danny reluctantly got up to leave, wanting to ask more questions. Saint accompanied him to the door, then returned looking at the extra 10,000$ in his accounting saying: “Indeed, knowledge is wealth!”

Ten thousand dollars are not a fortune, but they came right in time for Saint to save him in these urgent times. He had no more need to wear a hood and go around streets robbing gangsters.

However, he didn’t know yet if meeting K’un-Lun’s Iron fist is a good thing. He was still very low in strength, and didn’t want to attract any non-needed attention.

His plan was to remain a low-key person, and wait until he could gather the Dragon Balls again. Only then could he be slightly unscrupulous.

Today, he had Danny Rand in. His Kung Fu Barbecue was supposed to be no more than a gimmick to attract common people. But if some were to be interested in his “Kung Fu”, it might bringing all sorts of people….

“The Hand!”

Just as Saint though of K’un-lun’s deadly rival, he imagined their endless army of Ninjas. He realized that he was in more urgent state then he imagined, saying to himself: “It seems that I have to practice harder!”

Although it was dinner time, he couldn’t think of doing business. He hesitantly closed the door and went straight to his flat to continue practicing.

The next day, Saint didn’t rush to open, although he woke early. He kept practicing till noon, and opened the restaurant at lunch time.

He didn’t know if Danny Rand stated advertizing his place, but business was exceptionally good. Just 10 minutes after opening, he already had 3 costumer, all non regulars. One of them ordered Kung Fu Barbecue, and after the others saw his “magical” method of cooking the food, they all order that as a second plate as well.

In all honesty, the special “Kung Fu Barbecue” wasn’t top tier, even though it wasn’t bad. What really amazed the customers was Saint’s method of cooking the food. All the guests going through the door saw this, and everyone ordered the same signature plate and called their friends to see, who also called their friends as well. In no time, the restaurant became full. Soon after, a line formed at the door!

Because Saint was caught off guard, he had to be a personal cook, server and cashier. Filling all three posts on such a busy day, he became exhausted. After cleaning up the store, he sat down to take a breath, just one the chimes on the door indicated that another guest was entering.

“I must recruit staff members to help…”

He gritted his teeth fiercely, standing up helplessly and wanting to say that the place was closed and that he still had to wash the dishes. However, when saw the visitor; he couldn’t help but to be stunned.

The one who pushed the door was an Asian woman of about 20 years of age. She had a petite yet shapely body, and under her long black hair was her delicate beautiful face. To his “Chinese” taste, she was of stunning and unique perfect beauty.

Saint was a slightly surprised, but he immediately recognized the girl from his new memories. This was a long-time costumer of Li’s Chinese restaurant; Colleen Wing. Being Chinese-Japanese, she had lived in China for a few years, before moving to Japan. At her teenage years, she moved to the US. After that, she settled in New York. Her small innocent looks must not deceive him; she was well versed in Aikido and Karate, and a Sensei in a Martial Arts Dojo nearby.

Hold on……

Because he was stunned, Saint didn’t realize that this person was on he recognized from his past life as well!

Yes! It was Colleen Wing! Iron Fist’s future love interest, and the Daughter of the Dragon! Her Sensei, Bakuto, is one of the “Five Fingers” of the Hand, but she didn’t know this for a long time.

“What are you doing Saint?”

Colleen Win frowned, and looked strangely at Saint’s eyes: “How come you don’t seem to recognize me?”


Saint got back to reality, laughing and saying: “Oh, not recognize you? Colleen, you’re just so beautiful today, I’ve been stunned!”

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