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MDB: Chapter 53 Date in the Night Sky

“I should have gotten a cheaper plane ticket; first class wasn’t really worth it…” Three days later, as he bought new stock for his restaurant in high amounts, Saint saw his savings going sharply down again. Feeling ‘poverty’ again, he could only regret the last few days: “I should not have rented such good cars, and why did I have to stay in such good hotels? ….”

Fortunately, after Lee’s Chinese Restaurant finally reopened, business turned out to be as good as ever. In fact, the restaurant seemed to become somewhat more popular than it was right before it momentarily closed. To Saint’s surprise, the closing only built up people’s anticipation for the reopening…

Unexpectedly, not only the restaurant didn’t drop in activity, SHIELD wasn’t approaching him either. This was bizarre, especially after what he did to the two agents tailing him the last time; Saint was expecting Coulson at his door, but no one came for him.

“It’s impossible that they did not suspect me…” After the workday was over, and before closing the shop, Saint scanned the surrounding area and found the two agents that “followed” him.

He had an impulse to just go to them and ask them why they didn’t come for him, but that wasn’t rational, and he had much more important things to do…

Saint changed, took a shower, combed his freshly cut hair, and wore new clothes. Today was, in a way, his first date…

Well, it was at least his first date in the Marvel World.

Meanwhile, Colleen gently climbed the rusty fire stairs to the roof of an old abandoned building. As she reached the roof, she patted the rust stains off her body, complaining to herself about Saint….

For three consecutive nights, she heard nothing from him, and did not know where he went. Today, when he asked her to come to such location, she was surprised and suspicious. Nevertheless, as she was meeting Saint again, she had to look good.

“You came so early? I’m five minutes ahead of schedule, and I’m still late!”

She suddenly heard Saint’s voice behind her back, which startled her. She looked at the fire stairs in front of her with a frightened expression, and then turned around and said: “How did you come here without making a sound? And where did you come from?”

“There…” Saint pointed behind him, and then pulled out a red rose from behind his back as if doing a magic trick and said: “For you.”

“Thank you!” Colleen did not expect this surprise from Saint. As she took the rose, she took his arm along with it and leaned her head on his shoulder and said: “Why did you bring me here?”

Saint mysteriously smiled and did not answer her. Instead, he asked: “Do you remember, back when I told you that I’m a disciple of Kame School, the thing I told you and that you did not believe?”

“Of course I remember…” Colleen looked up to Saint’s face and said: “It hasn’t been too long. I can’t forget, because you said that you can fly!”

“No, no.” Saint shook his head and said: “I only said that ‘one day’, I will be able to fly.”

Colleen was surprised again, and then let go of Saint’s arm and asked him with her eyes wide open: “Don’t tell me that ‘one day’ is today!”

“Hmmm, close enough. In fact, I learned how to fly three days ago. Now, make a guess, why am I only telling you three days later?”

“You tell me!” Colleen gave a powerful punch to Saint’s shoulder and said: “You’re being satirical, aren’t you?”


Saint did not say a word. Instead, he stretched out his arms, grabbing Colleen’s slender waist and holding her in his arms; “Hold on to my neck.”

“What do you want to… AAAH!” Midway through her sentence, Colleen felt her feet leaving the ground. She held on to Saint’s neck as if holding to her life, and wrapped each of her feet around her as she screamed. All of her body, from head to toe, clung to his without a gap.

“You don’t have to be afraid; I have been practicing for three days.”

Using Bukujutsu, Saint floated along with her, and whispered in Colleen’s ear: “Trust me.”

“I’m bit afraid! It’s just that this is to sudden… aah… AAAAh!!”

Under Colleen’s deafening screams, Saint went into the sky while holding her, far away from the roof where they stood. As if carried by the wind, they went through the night sky.

When over a hundred meters high, Colleen finally stopped screaming as she sunk her face into Saint shoulder, even biting him. Then, she shouted in ear: “Bastard! You couldn’t mentally prepare me first?!”

“Wouldn’t that be too boring?” Saint said: “I think you agree that this is a lot more exciting!”


Colleen frowned, but she had to admit that her lack of preparation as she rose into the night sky certainly brought her an incredible rush….

Saint kept on rising, and then, when around a thousand meters into the air, he slowed down, all while holding on to Colleen. Then, he moved her hands, holding her in a dancing posture: “This is the place I’ve chosen for our first date. So, are you satisfied?”

“Humph!” Colleen exclaimed, and lifted her legs, wrapping them around Saint’s waist saying: “Hold me please! I’m going to let go!”

Saint was somewhat puzzeled, and tightened his hands a little and then, Colleen loosened her grip. She did something that, given the way she was screaming earlier was completely unexpected from her; she dangerously took an elastic hair band… and tied her hair when a 1000 meters above the ground!

She could fall, crush her head and bleed to death, but she couldn’t let her hair get messed up….

After her hair that was being blown by the wind was tied into a neat ponytail, Colleen put both of her hands on Saint’s shoulders, and then said: “This is called ‘Bukujutsu’ or something… right? Can you teach me to use it?”

Saint shrugged his shoulders and said: “I can try, but don’t get your hopes up. Bukujutsu consumes too much Ki. With your current levels of Ki, you shouldn’t be able to float for too long, and don’t even think about flying.”

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