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MDB: Chapter 54 Full Power

“Are that much stronger than me?” Colleen frowned while somewhat puzzled, “When we first talked, didn’t you say that you had less Ki than me?”

“I have several times more Ki than you.” Saint answered smugly: “Let’s take a normal person, and assign a power level to him; let’s say… five. Now, I have power level of one hundred and eighty-seven, while you have twenty-eight.”


Colleen remained silent for a long time. She originally thought that after practicing with Saint the cultivating her Ki and the use of Zanzoken, she get close to his level. Even if she wasn’t on par with him, she assumed that the gap between them wouldn’t be too massive. She never expected that he would be so far ahead…

In fact, before Saint made his wish, they were indeed comparable. However, the integration with Saiyan genes with his own made Saint stronger, much much stronger. Before that, he was mainly stronger than Colleen because of his higher Martial Arts mastery. As for his power level, it wasn’t all that far from hers.

Seeing that Colleen’s mood was slightly ruined, Saint tried to comfort her: “Colleen, you have progressed very quickly. When we first started training together, you only had a power level of 10. With training, your Ki improved quickly, and will continue to improve. You have a great foundation of decades Colleen, and you still have a lot of potential to explore!”

Listening to him, Colleen did not feel any better, instead changing the subject and saying: “Fly at your maximum speed; I want to see your full power.

“Alright!” Although this wasn’t without risk, Saint did not refuse, first shrouding Colleen and himself in Ki, and then using his maximum power to release Ki from his toes.

A shining humanoid blue light ball crossed the night sky like a meteor, going over the city before disappearing.

Countless people saw the ‘meteor’, and their eyes were attached to the sky. Saint wanted to avoid being discovered, stopping as he let the Ki around him and Colleen dissipate, before descending to the ground.

Saint spent the rest of the night in Colleen’s Dojo. To prepare for tonight’s surprise, he had to force himself to stay away from Colleen for three days straight and with that coming right after his trip, he was already at his limit…

Still, he had to admit, some things are well worth waiting for…


The next morning, Saint woke up early; he had only little sleep during the night. Becoming a Saiyan, and having the genes of the fighting nation, not only his combat power was enhanced; he was strong in every single way…

Considering that he was to eradicate Colleen’s food stock just for breakfast, Saint decided to just prepare her a meal, leaving it on the bedside table. He kissed Colleen’s cheek while she was asleep, and then rushed back to his restaurant, as hungry as ever. From the refrigerator, he took out dozens of pieces of meat, cooked them by hand, shredded them with Jan Ken Scissors, and then went straight to a table to have launch.

After getting breakfast, Saint estimated how much he consumed. He just consumed 60 dollars worth of the relatively cheaper chicken and pork. If he was to eat beef and lamb meat, the cost would easily double. As for rice and other grains, those were easier to digest food that he would occasionally eat for a change of taste. However, they couldn’t be enough to be his staple foods.

Out of habit, Saint was eating three meals a day. This meant that a whole day’s worth of food cost him at least 180 dollars. He would break through the 200 dollars mark if he was to treat himself a little. As for his upper limit, he hadn’t tested that yet…

Right now, his greatest worry was no villain that might pop up in the Marvel World; he actually was afraid that he would eventually go bankrupt!

As Saint walked into the quiet room on the second floor of the restaurant, he sat down cross-legged on the floor, continuing his thinking of the decision he had been hesitating to take for the past three days.

If one was to ask Saint why he had chosen the knowledge of Goku, of all people, he would answer without hesitation: because he is the protagonist, only he would be able to become “the king of the hill”!

In the Dragon Ball World, there were many techniques that could “multiply” one’s power level. Besides the Kaioken, what else did Goku use?

Yes, the Super Saiyan power!

Becoming a Super Saiyan multiplies one’s power level 50 folds. But this wasn’t Saint’s problem.

Saint’s dilemma was related to what Goku had developed after becoming a Super Saiyan. He actually managed to improve the initial transformation; he actually managed to create something called “Super Saiyan Full Power”.

This Transformation was the one taught by Goku to Gohan in the Time Chamber. It is one that maintains the benefits of Super Saiyan, while avoiding its negative effects.

As is well known, the Kaioken can multiply one’s power by a certain factor. The higher the factor is, the higher the toll it takes on the body, and the more Ki it consumes and wastes. Super Saiyan is much less grueling to one’s body, but it still suffers from the same downsides to a certain extent. Super Saiyan Full Power however doesn’t cause such problems, and unless one is actively using their Ki, they wouldn’t waste it.

That sounds pretty good, fitting to the Saiyan destined to be the ‘King of the Hill’…. But there was one problem; both Goku and Gohan only reached this state after attaining the base Super Saiyan form first.

If one was to try to reach this state without doing so, who knows what the consequences might be?

Saint did not want to take the risk, and wanted to just advance towards regular super Saiyan first, but since Goku never reverted to the base form Super Saiyan after reaching Full Power, he actually forgot how to attain it! Saint had no knowledge of the transformation, and he could only try to go directly to the improved form! Otherwise, he would have to train fiercely until he gets stronger, and gets enough emotional stimulus to become a Super Saiyan. Remembering what triggered Goku’s transformation, the idea didn’t sound all that good.

“Just try it… how bad could it go?” Saint clinched his fists nervously saying to himself: “The worst case scenario is failure… not death… I should die if I try… right?!”

The words “self detonation”, “spontaneous combustion”, “cellular bursting” and “genetic collapse” was constantly going through Saint’s mind. He wanted to give up, fearing death, but the words “Super Transformation”, “Immense Power”, “The Coolest Hair Ever” and “More Handsome” constantly popped up in his mind, seducing him to try…

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