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MDB: Chapter 55 Transformed?

“I don’t have to do it directly! I don’t want to be dozens of times stronger; why am I so nervous?” Saint gnashed his teeth, and as if embarrassed of his cowardice, he said: “I am a Saiyan now! There’s no way I’m not going to handle the mere doubling of my power!”

Yes, Saint had a very “special” idea…

The next moment, a horrifying scream could be heard from the room. Anyone that would hear that scream would only think that it was the mourning of a dying man…

In mere seconds, in a black nightgown, Lorna stood before the door. She no longer heard Saint’s screams, and in doubt and fear, she knocked on the door: “Boss? Was it you… screaming just now?”

After waiting for a few seconds, Lorna did not get any answer. She couldn’t help but extend her arm and turn the handle to open the door, and that’s when she looked more shocked the ever before! “B-BOSS?!”

In the middle of there quiet room stood a handsome young man. His blond hair was bright, and his blue eyes were both deep and glowing. His facial features were reminiscent of Saint, but he was very different.

First, Saint was never so handsome…

Second, Saint was Asian! Both his hair and eyes were black.

Third, Saint usually looked like a careless worker, but the entire body of the one in front of Lorna was exuding an elegant and almost “noble” vibe!

Therefore, even Lorna, who was very familiar with Saint, was a little reluctant to identify the man before her for a while. With her eyes open wide she asked again: “Boss, is that you?”

The “transformed” Saint did not seem to even notice Lorna’s question. He stood in place, as if he was a perfect sculpture.

“Boss?” Lorna frowned and stepped forwards, gently holding Saint’s arm…

“Hmmm?” As if he was awakened from a dream, he turned around abruptly and asked: “Lorna? When did you come in?”

“Boss, did you just have your… awakening?”

Being a mutant, the first thing that came to Lorna’s mind was obviously the X Gene’s activation. After hearing Saint scream, she found him all different, almost unrecognizable. To think that he was a dormant mutant that had just been awakened was very reasonable.

Saint unconsciously raised his hand, touching the blond erect hair on his head which he shook saying: “No… Lorna, can you leave for now? I have something to figure out about myself. Wait for me; I will explain this to you later!”

“Oh…” Lorna nodded and reluctantly grinned; “Alright then.”

Before she finished her words, Saint was once again lost in thoughts and disappointment, trying to re-enter the mysterious state of enlightenment he had just entered. By instinct, he knew well; it was related to the threshold he had to break through if he ever wanted to become a Super Saiyan.

Unfortunately, after being interrupted by Lorna, he could no longer get into that state. No matter how much he simulated it, it never felt “right”.

“That’s a shame…” While Saint frowned in disappointment, he felt he had no reason to blame Lorna. After all, she did what she did out of concern, and that’s nothing to be blamed for.

After some regret, Saint stopped thinking about the distant future, focusing instead on the present. He slowly squeezed his fists and sensed the power hidden in his body under his calm appearance. He could not help but sigh: “This is the ‘Full Power’ State… Goku is really a genius!”

He then remembered: “No! This is not nearly as strong; I feel it wouldn’t be appropriate to call this ‘Full Power’ until I’m at least 10 times as strong!”

Saint indeed went for a new approach with this. While he couldn’t figure out how to go Super Saiyan, he had full knowledge of how to use Kaioken. However, his body couldn’t sustain it for even a second.

Saint’s idea was simple: Instead of using Super Saiyan as basis for the Full Power State, why not use Kaioken instead? This way, he could achieve the Full Power State without going Super Saiyan, and he could also sustain Kaioken without needing to get much stronger…

He smiled as he thought of his success: “So what should I call it? Double Saiyan Full Power? That’s not right! That should be fitting when I get to Kaioken x20! For now, I shall call it: ‘Saiyan Full Power: 20%’.”

Indeed, as he only doubled his power, Saint only managed to reach one fifth of what he deemed worthy of being called a Full Power State. Now, his power level was 374, up from 187. This meant that his strength, speed and reflexes were all doubled and, thanks to the Full Power State, this caused no strain on his body, not did it cause any waste of Ki.

With all the knowledge that Goku had acquired over the years, there was no reason for the Kaioken x2 to have any negative effects.

As for higher factors, like “Saiyan Full Power: 30% and 40%” equivalent respectively to Kaioken x3 and x4, this was something that Saint did not dare to venture into without having a gravity room

After all, without a gravity room, he had no way to gauge how far he could go into Kaioken. While he did try Kaioken x2, Saint only did that taking into account that a Saiyan’s body should be able to survive 10x gravity. Therefore, he felt that he had no reason to fear going into Kaioken x2, given that he could maintain it with Full Power. In fact, even going so far was somewhat of a gamble, and since he was lucky enough to “win”, his best bet was to quit while successful, and wait for the Gravity Room.

After carefully understanding and analyzing what he had done with the “Saiyan Full Power: 20%”, Saint finally walked out of the quiet room, going towards the bathroom to look himself in the mirror. However, as soon as he left, he found Lorna looking at him straight in the eyes, apparently still waiting for the explanation he had promised her.

“I am not a mutant.” This was the first thing he said. Saint then gulped, not knowing what to say for a moment. After thinking about it for a while, he said: “Lorna, I won’t lie to you. In a way, I am as ‘special’ as you are. However, I wouldn’t ask about it. If you know, it would only become a burden to you.”

Lorna rolled her eyes: “Well, you are a Saiyan, right? Isn’t it too late to keep that a secret?”

Saint was shocked, and he asked Lorna: “How… how did you know?”

Lorna shrugged and smiled slyly in response: “I wasn’t eavesdropping you know! You just were speaking to yourself very loudly while you were inside!”


Saint couldn’t help but chuckle at himself. “Quiet Room”, huh? Well, it was just a normal room in which he covered the walls with acoustic foam.

Well still, knowing the effects of the sound-treatment, it would be strange if Lorna could hear him if she didn’t put her ear on the wall…

“So, what is a ‘Saiyan’?”

Saint could only answer in a dull tone: “The extraterrestrials who once lived on the “Saiyan Planet” are called Saiyans.” (T/N: Yes he called it the Saiyan Planet, not Planet Vegeta. He doesn’t need to over-complicate the lore.)

“What?!” Lorna’s eyes opened wide, no noticing the word ‘once’ and exclaimed: “Boss! You’re an alien?!”

(T/N: The new transformation’s name is: Saiyan Full Power, as opposed to the Manga’s Super Saiyan Full Power. The percentage part is just about the factor of Kaioken used by Saint, with Kaioken x10 being 100%.)

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