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MDB: Chapter 56 Foolish Mortal! You Know Nothing…

“Of course not. I’m native of earth!” To himself, Saint added: ‘Another earth, one that’s much more normal than yours!’

He then shook his head and added to Lorna: “I just integrated Saiyan Genes with my own, just like you have those X Genes that separate you from other people.”

“If that’s the case, then how did you check out negative with SHIELD’s blood test? Is this something similar to ‘Ki Masking’?” Lorna said while frowning, her tone revealing some hope.

“No, it’s just because I didn’t have these genes back then.”

Because the matter involved the secret of the Dragon Balls, Saint did not explain the matter in details, and tried to change the topic: “Lorna, why are you asking about this? Is someone you know having doubts about your identity?”

Lorna sighed in disappointment: “That’s not the…. Well, I just don’t want to be exposed if some people like SHIELD start having doubts. Once my identity is exposed, I would have to find a way to disappear, and to live my life running. I don’t want to getcaught and…”

“Lorna, you seem to have misunderstood me.” Saint frowned and interrupted her, saying in confidence: “I’m not teaching you Ki Masking for you to hide yourself; I want you to have full control over your ability. You remember I’ve told you that your ability is very strong. If you manage to use 100% of your power with full control, you won’t need to hide. Even SHIELD or any other governmental institution wouldn’t want to mess with you.”

“You’re saying it as if it’s so simple!” Lorna said pessimistically: “It’s not easy you know! I’ve already learned how to control my power. It’s been a month since I started practicing. But until now, I can only use about ten percent of my power, and my ability gets out of control whenever I try using more. At this pace, it would take me a year or more to be able to use all my power.”

Hearing her, Saint touched his chin and thought about it, and then asked: “How are you practicing now?”

“Like this!” Lorna extended her arm, and her thin tender fingers emitted a colorful light. Off the coffee table in the living room, a metallic mug vacated, silently flying to her palm. Then, under her control, it floated around her body.

“That’s it?” Saint said arrogantly: “I was expecting something more imaginative! Well, I’ll teach you a better method. Buy a few pounds of Iron Sand, and remember to buy two different colors. Then, control both colors to make a simple painting on the floor. After that, separate them and try again. When you feel you’ve mastered the control of a certain weight, go ahead and increase the amount, until you’re able to fully manipulate great amounts of fine material to do precise work perfectly!”

Lorna was a little angry when hearing Saint’s arrogant tone at first, but then, when she heard his method, her eyes lit brightly! She obviously could agree that it was indeed a great idea, but she didn’t want to praise Saint after what he said to her at first: “It doesn’t sound too good either, but okay, I’ll give it a try.”

‘Not too good, but you’ll try?’

Saint didn’t want to argue too much with Lorna, and he just patted her shoulder: “Actually, you don’t have to worry too much; remember, you are now part of Lee’s Chinese Restaurant! You’re no longer helpless. Whoever is looking for your trouble will have to first go through me!”

Lorna was stunned for a moment, and then said: “Boss, it’s very touching and all… but as you said before, I have dozens of times as much Ki as you. Even if I can only use less than one tenth of my strength, wouldn’t you still be weaker than me? You’re being so confident; I don’t know how you can say…”

“Ha Ha Ha!” Saint laughed coldly, silencing her, and light was emitted from the tip of his toes before he gracefully floated in mid air.

A meter above her, his Ki violently erupted from his body. Right then, he was at his maximum power level of 374!

“Foolish mortal, you know nothing about my true power!”

He spoke in a deep tone, and a great golden light shrouded his entire body like a raging flame. Air was twisted around him, and a gust of wind swept over Lorna, along with the rest of the entire room.

Lorna’s pupils dilated to the limit in her green eyes, and she unconsciously took a big step back, her face showing fear. Although she knew Saint would definitely not hurt her, she couldn’t control herself; this was fear beyond what could be controlled through knowledge, stemming from the deepest part of her soul. Her instinct screamed that this man was dangerous!

However, this fear did not last long…

The next moment, she looked back, as the golden light-shrouded Saint went past her through the living room, flying his way into the bathroom…

“Boss, where are you going?!”

“To look at myself in the mirror.”

“I really can’t stand this! You’re not a child! Why are you being so beautif… smug!”

“Oh. You wouldn’t say I’m not handsome now, would you?”


After looking into the mirror, Saint became sure that just wrapping his body in Ki while in this “Saiyan Full Power: 20%” State was enough to for him to pretend that he was a Super Saiyan. After all, if not for the massive gap in strength, he looked nothing different…

After being immersed in his own sight for while, Saint left the transformation. When he left the bathroom, he had his usual black hair and eyes back.

“Hey! How are you back like you were? You can do that?!”

“Have I said I can’t change back?” Saint shrugged ‘innocently’.

“You liar, you hid that on purpose and you know it!” Lorna pouted, and then she grinned: “So, when you’re like that, you’re in your strongest state?”

“That’s right.” Saint nodded and then added: “In fact, even when in that state, I still have less Ki than you, being only around 70 times stronger than an average person. So, you can imagine a little; if you can control your power that’s a hundred times more powerful than most, you… Hey, where are you going?”

Lorna was already walking down the stairs, and she did not turn as she yelled: “Buying iron sand!”


As he watched Lorna disappear, Saint muttered to himself: “Well, no need to warn her anyway. Lorna is a mutant; she doesn’t need to be lectured about secrecy…”

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