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MDB: Chapter 57 The Defenders

Three hours later, Saint stood at the stairs, shouting in the direction of the second floor: “Lorna, get down to eat!”

“Wait a minute! I’m about to separate the two colors of Sand!”

Half an hour later, Lorna was still missing. Saint once again shouted from downstairs: “Lorna, get down to work!”

“Don’t interrupt me, bastard! It’s mixed again!”


Suddenly Saint realized that the suggestion he had made to develop the future Miss Polaris just gave Lorna another reason to misbehave with him…

After neglecting her duties for around ten minutes, Lorna walked down from the second floor. At this time, there were already many customers in the store. Not giving Saint a chance to say word, she hurried to put the blame on him: “I blame you, boss! If you didn’t startle me twice, I wouldn’t have been so late for work! It’s all your fault, and I will not allow you to deduct anything from my wage!”

? ? ?

Saint’s mind was filled with questions: ‘What did I even say? Who am I? What am I? What just happened? Who’s the boss???”


Another day at the restaurant came to an end, with SHIELD still not coming here to bother him. As usual, he used Ki Sense to scan the area. Instead of just the two agents following him, this time he found something that truly surprised him!

He was bothered about not having trouble, but now it seemed like he got more than he expected. Through Ki Sense, Saint detected four powerful Ki, moving at a speed that’s beyond what ordinary people are capable of. He was familiar with one of them; Danny Rand. As for the remaining three, he was no stranger to their identity. While he couldn’t see them or verify what he thought, he knew very well that these were the rest of Hell’s Kitchen’s Heroes.

What happened? How and why would they come together at this point in time?

Frowning, Saint quickly walked out the door, saying to Lorna who was arranging the table: “Lorna, lock the door, and don’t come out for the time being!”

“Boss, you…”

Saint did not turn back to answer Lorna. As soon as he went out the door, he saw four people walking in the dim light; a woman, and three men.

Leading the charge was the one with the blond short curly hair, Danny Rand.

He was followed by a masked white man, who surprisingly covered the upper half of his face with a scarf, instead of the lower half. His eyes were covered as well, and his face could only be seen nose down. This blind man who relied mainly on hearing to perceive his surroundings was none other than the Daredevil, Matthew Murdoch. No other man would go around Hell’s Kitchen at night wearing such a “mask”.

Following him was a woman, a white, tall and very thin one, with long black hair hanging on her shoulders. Obviously, her looks were deceiving, for this very thin and pale woman was stronger than most men: the least heroic among the Heroes, Jessica Jones.

Behind her, there was a tall muscular black man wearing T-Shirt that’s riddled with holes, revealing his dark skin which almost had a metallic luster. All over his body, he was invulnerable to most weapon attacks, and even his eyeballs were no exception. This was Luke Cage!

Saint who was hoping to meet them, just stepped forwards when raised his eyebrows in surprise. Under the leadership of Danny Rand, the group took a turn right, and went to a very familiar old building: it was the one where Colleen’s Dojo resided…

Saint’s mouth twitched as he felt great concern, and he walked towards her place as well.

Trouble wasn’t coming his way this time, but since Colleen was involved, he could only go ahead and seek it himself.

As he approached the Dojo, he heard fierce quarreling coming out from the inside. He approached the door, and knocked saying: “Colleen, it’s me!”

When they heard his voice, the Dojo suddenly became quiet until Colleen opened the door and welcomed him in. Immediately, a discordant voice could be heard: “Who is this?”

Saint looked at Jessica Jones, and chose not to answer to any provocations from this traumatized soul. Instead, he turned to Danny Rand saying: “Long time no see, Danny.”

The last time they met was certainly very unpleasant. Although their misunderstanding was cleared up later, Danny, who was in the wrong on that day, was inevitably a little embarrassed. He forced his face into a very reluctant smile as he nodded saying: “Long time no see, Saint…”

After saluting his only acquaintance besides Colleen, Saint ignored the other three, holding his girl’s hand and asking: “What happened? Why didn’t you call me?”

“They are all uninvited… I have no idea myself what they are here for, so what can I say?” Colleen looked rather helpless.

Hearing her say that, Danny looked even more embarrassed, and he interrupted them saying: “Sorry, the situation is very urgent, and I couldn’t think of any other place to go to.”

“There’s no time for chatter!” just then, Matthew Murdoch stepped forward looking at Danny: “We must make a plan right away! It’s impossible that the Hand would just let us go just like that. The matter probably didn’t spread yet, but us getting chased is one call away!”

“Us?! There is no ‘us’ here! You want to deal with this Hand, that’s your business; don’t drag me into it! Now, give me that scarf you have on your face; it’s time for me to go!” Jessica Jones looked dissatisfied.

“Jess.” Luke Cage also joined in the conversation: “You can’t go! Whether you like it or not, we are all involved now, and being alone would only bring us greater danger.”

Hearing that, Danny could only agree: “Yes! Believe me; if we don’t eliminate the Hand, they will not let us go. They won’t just chase us; our loved ones, friends, no one will be safe!”

The place was boiling, and the only one who managed to remain calm, Matt Murdock, started to sound a little impatient: “Why are we still discussing this? Right now, you should join me, and we will collaborate with Chaste. As for the two who are not involved, they should just stay here.”

“What do you mean by stay here and going with you? Give me my scarf; I’m leaving, NOW!”

“Jess! Calm down!”


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