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MDB: Chapter 58 The end of Chaste?

Saint gazed at all four, and couldn’t help but grin… Were these the future Defenders? They were very different from each other. If they would still want to be a team, they would have a long way to go…

Meanwhile, Colleen was still stunned looking at the group before her eyes. She then grabbed Saint’s arm, pulling him to the side and murmuring in his ear: “These people look so strange! None of them looks normal. Call it my martial arts instinct, but I can feel that’s the case.Do you know any of them?”

Saint nodded, and as if he was the commentator of some reality show, he began introducing the “players” to Colleen: “You’re not wrong. Besides Danny being the Iron Fist as you know, the other three are all special. Take the woman for example; that’s Jessica Jones. You should not be fooled by her bamboo thin body, for she is surprisingly strong. In fact, she is over 10 times as strong as an average person, and even capable of throwing a car. However, she never received any decent training. So, while in theory, she is much stronger than you, she’s actually no opponent of you.

The big black guy is her ex, Luke Cage. Not only is he very strong, he’s also extremely durable; normal bullets and blades can’t even pierce through his skin. However, this is also his weakness. Because he is used to being invulnerable, he’s not used to being cautious and tends to always fight all out. If you get yourself a good Katana that’s sharp enough to cut him, he should have big trouble adapting to a fight against you.

The last one, the blind guy, also has a link to Jessica. He is actually her lawyer, and his name is Matthew Murdoch. As you can see, he doesn’t really move like a blind. While he did lose all his vision, his other senses are many times more sensitive than a regular person, especially his hearing. With this, he perceives more than what most can see with their eyes; a true biological radar! Moreover, like Danny Rand, he has a link with Kunlun. Master ‘Stick’, the leader of Chaste, had trained him. However, there were ‘reasons’ that made Stick reject him. Therefore, he isn’t really with ‘Chaste’.

Oh, while you might not have heard the name “Matt Murdoch”, you certainly heard of his other name: He is the one known as Hell’s Kitchen’s ‘Daredevil’.”

Colleen’s eyes went open wide, and she couldn’t help but point at Matt saying: “He is the ‘Daredevil’?”

Saint nodded again, and was about to continue when his expression suddenly changed. He patted Colleen’s back and let go of her hand saying: “I’ll continue later, there’s something bad happening right now.”

“Cough!” After that, Saint turned to Danny who was still arguing with the others and coughed so loud that they couldn’t help but turn around to him. He then went to the window, pointing to a direction in the distance saying: “Danny, a bit over 10 kilometers away from here, many Ki are disappearing; many people are dying right there. Does this have any relationship with you?”

“Damn! We’ve been deceived!” Danny looked into the distance, and his face changed drastically. He seemed to clearly recognize that location: “The Hand was never targeting us after all! ‘Chaste’ turned out to be their true target!”

Matt had already taken off his scarf, revealing his handsome face. He frowned, his eyes chaotically looking around: “How can you know what’s happening 10 kilometers away?”

“It’s Saint’s Ki Sense; he can sense people from far away!” said Danny; “Matthew, there’s no reason to doubt what he said. Since he said something is wrong, it must be something big happening there!”

“Elektra!” Matt shouted out a name, nervousness clear in his voice and on his face, and then he snatched the scarf he had just returned to Jessica from her hand.

Covering his face, he rushed out of the Dojo.

“Matthew!” Danny had no chance to stop him, and could only try to follow him. With that, only two of the four remained in the Dojo.

Saint began thinking. With the news he had just obtained, he could guess what had probably kept SHIELD from dealing with him; it must be that the Hand and Chaste have been against going each other in New York. With the battle he was sensing in the distance being so massive, today seemed to turn out to be the day of their decisive battle…

As he was lost in thoughts, Jessica Jones suddenly approached him, asking him in a cold tone: “So, you’re also a freak? What’s your ability? A psychic?”


Saint looked at her strangely. To himself he said: ‘Well, I know you’ve had a rough experience, but there’s no need to be so rude! I didn’t even provoke you, and you’re saying I’m a freak? Not just that, a psychic? It’s like you’re telling me I’m a liar in the face…’

After some hesitation, he decided to ignore her. He was no psychiatrist; he couldn’t deal with her or help her in anyway. If he was to try, she would block any attempt of his anyway….

After Saint made up his mind not to provoke Jessica, he ignored her again and turned around to Colleen saying: “Are you thinking of joining the fun? With the Hand making such a big move, Bakuto might be there. I can’t be sure however, as I’m not familiar with his Ki. Still, there are three powerful Ki over there…. It’s very likely that one of them is stick. This means that there might be two Fingers of the Hand there!”

After some hesitation, Colleen gnashed her teeth and nodded: “I’m going! If it’s him, I cannot let him escape again!”

“If he’s there indeed, you should be careful! He is your Sensei, and he is stronger than you. As he had already lost to Zanzoken before, he will be prepared!” Saint reminded her frowning, and then added: “I did promise you I would not interfere with your own issues, but I will not stand here and watch you get hurt!”

“I will be victorious!” Colleen showed a firm look, took out two white Katana, and put on a white hood sweater and Ninja mask. Saint looked at her eyes that still showed, and could only murmur: “I know you like white, but it’s night time now! Couldn’t you try to be a bit stealthier?”

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