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MDB: Chapter 59 The Aftermath

After getting well dressed for the fight, Colleen threw a spare mask of hers to Saint: “Want to try it out? If it doesn’t fit, take a scarf.”

“No need.”

Saint threw the mask back to Colleen: “I don’t need it.”

She wanted to answer, but as she opened her mouth, only a scream went out of it! Saint went into Saiyan Full Power. He became more handsome, his hair turned blond and spiky, and his eyes became blue. It was as if he was switched out for another man.



While Luke and Jessica were no longer together, they were still in sync, cursing at the same time, and taking a large step back together as they watched Saint as if seeing a monster! (Translator note: The cursing was written in the original novel in English. I don’t know how you would feel about it, but I thought it should be kept as it was definitely what the Author intended.)

“Ugh give it up; neither of you is normal. No need to make such a fuss!”

Saint slyly smirked, but his voice was a little “squeaky” compared to usual. While this time felt a lot better than the first, but because his transformation went through Kaioken, he suffered pain all over his body, especially in his eyes. After answering Jessica and Luke, he squinted hard to ease the pain, and then said to Colleen: “Hop on, let’s fly there directly!”

Colleen gritted her teeth as she tried to hide her surprise, and then with blank expression, she clang to Saint’s neck, putting one hand on his shoulder and the other on his waist. She stuck her mouth to his ear and asked in a wicked tone: “How many strange powers are you still hiding?”

“Ahh, none! I just learned this one this morning. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Lorna!”

“Lorna knew about it before I did?!”

“… She lives with me!”

“Where did you sleep last night?”

“Please! I was here with you!”

“Then think again, who are you living with?”


Jessica Jones and Luke Cage watched cluelessly as Saint hold Colleen’s thigh, carried her to the window which he opened, and then flew away…

“Jess, I’m starting to think that it’s not us who are strange, but the world…”

“…Luke, let’s go and have a look!”

“Good! I would also like to see what else is going to pop out! We have a man who can hear neon lights, the stinky one whose fist could hurt me, and now a psychic who can shape-shift and fly! What else is this day storing for us?”

“Go; borrow car, and I’ll drive.”

“…no, if there’s any “borrowing”, you’ll be the one doing it!”


On the other side, Saint had already carried Colleen for a while, when he saw Danny and Matt running their way to the scene. He could not help but mock them: “These two are brain-dead! They’re actually going to run for over ten Kilometers?”

Colleen’s head left Saint’s shoulder as she frowned and asked: “Off course they’ll run! What else could they do?”

“They could borrow a car.”

“What car could they borrow?”

“There are cars on the road you know!”

“That’s theft!”

“It’s not called theft! It’s just borrowing!”

“…What are you getting all defensive about? How you stolen a car before?”

“I just said! It’s just borrowing!”

“You really did it!”


Saint had no way to answer, and just continued to fly silently. After a short while, he suddenly heard gunshots.

“Gunshots?” Saint frowned. The Hand and Chaste were all martial artists linked to Kunlun. They weren’t just martial arts masters, they were also masterful assassins. They never resort to anything besides blades. Even if they wanted to use a ranged weapon, they would just go to things such as arrows. Gunshots could only mean one thing: SHIELD had finally interfered!


As Saint adjusted his flying posture, he shouted: “The situation has changed. Hold on tight, and hide your head behind me! I’m going to pick up the pace!”

With Saint’s transformation, because he had doubled his power, he could resist a lot more air pressure, and his maximum speed became much higher. Even if he didn’t shroud his body in Ki, he could take flying at the speed of a sports car. However, things were different with Colleen. While he did seem to go very fast to her, he was only going at a fraction of his max speed.

In no time, the two arrived at the battle scene. They were only 200 yards away, and Saint found the area to be construction site of an unfinished building. He looked down, to see blood all over the place, flowing between dead bodies. It was a literal war-zone, with no one left alive in the entire building.

For some reason, the brutal scenes did not repulse Saint. Instead, he actually felt excited, which felt so strange to him. Obviously, these were his Saiyan genes acting. Nevertheless, this was no time to analyze his new attitude to battle. He went down to the ground, and said to Colleen: “With SHIELD coming to the battlefield, the three strong Ki have now spread out and are new fleeing in three different directions.

He pointed to the three directions, and then said: “Sorry, Colleen, I can’t take you to chase them.”

Hearing the sound of gunshots and the screams from far away, Colleen sighed, and then asked Saint with firm eyes: “Do you want to help the innocent civilians who are being caught in crossfire?”

“Well, SHIELD has already defeated Hand’s little army. Perhaps they’re actually… smart? Maybe professional? Anyway, the Hand’s men have ran into the residential area, but SHIELD don’t seem to be about to let them go, and they don’t seem to care about collateral damage either!”

Saint nodded. While he wasn’t the type that would get out of his way just to save lives, he wasn’t the type that would let innocents die while he watches either. He respected life, and now, he had the ability to save it!

“Go ahead.” Colleen seemed to be delighted by his answer, and she smiled while gently pushing Saint: “I’ll follow you later! I actually was going to try saving them no matter what your answer was!”

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