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MDB: Chapter 60 Romanoff

Saint nodded again. With battle possibly erupting around them any second now, flying with Colleen was no longer a good choice. He tiptoed and vacated, and before flying away, he said to Colleen: “Be careful! Don’t act too rashly!”

“You too.”

Using Ki Sense, Saint flew to the nearest apartment building to him, barging through the window and drifting into an aisle on the third floor, in which there was an active confrontation.

“What the hell?”

With some of them exclaiming, six members of SHIELD’s special tactics teams were surprised by seeing Saint, and then pointed the barrels of their guns at him.

As he stared at their guns, Saint instinctively released Ki out of his body, enveloping it in a beating flame. With his body protected, he ignored the now frantic SHIELD agents and turned around to face their opposition.

On the other side was a man with a black Katana, wearing a black and red Ninja Suit, and a black and red mask on his face. On the edge of his blade was the neck of a little 10 year old girl, who he held with his left hand.

From his uniform, Saint could recognize that this was a member of the Hand. In fact, that was to be expected, as Chaste by now remained only in name. While their small army might not be completely annihilated, all that remained were just a few who were also being ambushed by SHIELD. With them almost gone, there was only the Hand left to face.

The Ninja holding the hostage closely tightened his grip on his Katana, and compared to the nervous SHIELD agents, his eyes were very calm. Immediately, he tried to negotiate with Saint: “You, whoever you are, let me go! I promise that after leaving, I will not hurt this child.

“I believe you!” Saint nodded, raising his arm and extending his palm as if asking the Hand fighter to relax. All of a sudden, his hand recoiled: “But I don’t negotiate with terrorists!”

The next moment, the Katana flew out of his sword and went into the air. The Hand Ninja watched in horror as his right hand holding the sword fell along with it. He had to do something, anything! All he could was trying to threaten Saint by chocking the girl with his remaining hand. However, before she could even feel the pain, Saint who was fairly distant from him flickered before the Hand Ninja’s eyes! The latter only felt some head pain, before everything faded to black….

Saint grabbed the unconscious one handed Ninja and threw him in the direction of the SHIELD agents, making him slide on the floor for the last few feet. And then he said: “He’s all yours!”

A young agent squatted down and checked the Ninja’s pulse, and then looked back and said: “Captain, he is still alive!”

On the other side, Saint was also squatting to pat the little girl’s head: “Hey little sis, don’t be afraid! You’re safe now!”

“Ginny!” At this moment, a white woman of about 30 years old suddenly rushed out from the corner, stumbling her way to the little girl and holding her tightly. Tears, fear, hope and joy mixed up and she innocently mumbled: “Thank God, you are fine… you’re alright……”

The little girl, Ginny, was scared and stunned for a long time, before she finally stretched out her arms and grabbed the woman’s neck: “Mommy…”

Saint smiled faintly, and to not bother this mother-daughter reunion, he flew away from the window through which he came.

Suddenly, Ginny’s mother looked up and jumped to the window while holding her daughter and shouting at the sky: “Thank you! Thank you for saving my Ginny!”

The young agent pointed to the window: “Captain, we should just let him go, right?”

“… Attention all units! A superhuman has appeared on the scene. He is very powerful, and he can fly. I repeat, HE CAN FLY!”

After Saint left that apartment building, he rescued two other civilians who were unfortunately caught in the battle between SHIELD and the Hand. Three Hand Ninjas were subdued by him one after the other. He never went for the kill, stunning them all instead.

SHIELD finally began to have a consensus that this blond flying superhuman was to be treated like a friendly force, at least for now. But then suddenly, he fell from the sky, kicking a SHIELD agent who was about to shoot a Hand Ninja, and sending him flying!

The agent’s companions immediately pointed their guns to Saint, only to discover that the agent was about to shoot the enemy through a little black kid hidden in the shadows.

With the night being so dark, the poor kid wearing black could not be seen in the shade.

Half an hour later, Saint had already saved over a dozen people, all while beating so many of the Hand. Continuing to follow his Ki-sense, he arrived to a two story building, just to look in awe at the scene that took place in the small alley behind it.

Saint originally thought that he would encounter the usual, a team of six SHIELD agents hunting one from the Hand. Unexpectedly, the situation was reversed: 6 Hand Ninjas were being chased by one female agent. Moreover, three of them were already on the ground by the time Saint reached the scene.

She had black tights, slightly curled long hair and a voluptuous sexy body. From her ample perky breasts, to her rounded hips, to her graceful face and her red fleshy lip, everything about her screamed sex appeal.

She was… Natasha Romanoff?

Saint gulped, forcibly chasing away the burning desire that began to eat his heart. He looked at her iconic wavy red hair, and could only exclaim: “Even the ‘Black Widow’ had being deployed; SHIELD are really pulling out all the stops!”

“Hey, young handsome man in the sky, aren’t you going to give me a hand?”

Saint looked at the 3 unconscious ninjas on the floor, and then shrugged saying: “I don’t think you need my help.”

“I don’t; but I also…” Natasha jumped up, surrounding a Ninja’s neck with her plump thighs, and breaking it before landing on the ground in the most dazzling way: “…don’t mind your help.”

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