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MDB: Chapter 61 Colleen, In Big Trouble

“Well, then I’ll happily help you.” Saint hadn’t finished answering her yet, when he flickered before the two men remaining on the ground, one shooting each with a single punch.


In silence, Natasha compared how much she had to do with how easy it was for Saint to take down these enemies, then puffed and said: “You know? I take back my words; I do mind your help…”

Saint shrugged: “Oh? Then if we meet again, I’ll leave one for you. Goodbye now!”

“Hold on!” Natasha stepped forward, extending her hand to Saint and saying: “Natasha Romanoff.”

Saint first scanned the area, and found out that SHIELD’s pursuit of the Hand was coming to an end. Then, turned around gently shaking Natasha’s hand by the finger tips: “Saint Lee.”

Saint wasn’t going to conceal this fact from SHIELD. He knew all too well that his transformation would only fool ordinary people. However, with SHIELD, it would be foolish to think that they wouldn’t know who he was. With that being the case, it was better for him to be honest and then solve things afterwards.

“Oh, so it’s really you!” Natasha’s eyebrows rose, apparently not unfamiliar with Saint: “You can actually fly? And… how did you become like this? Not only did the color of your hair and eyes change, but your face is also a bit different!”

“You know me?”

Saint avoided answering Natasha’s questions. He was surprised that SHIELD would pay such attention to him. He never guessed that they would give him enough importance for him to be on the famous Black Widow’s radar. However, he did not show his surprise: “I think we never met before, Agent Romanoff.”

“Call me Natasha!” She gave him a ‘professional affectionate look’ before adding: “It is indeed the first time we meet. But you’re quite the big shot, Mr. Lee. Being the only known disciple of Kame School, the extraordinary hidden martial art school, you’re a level 10 secret at out office. Coincidentally, apart from our director, I am the only ten-level agent.”

“Then I guess I should feel honored?” Saint had already shaken off his attraction to Natasha, so he was immune to her eyes. After thinking of how to answer, he said: “Since that the case, then you should also know that I’ve mastered many Ki using skills. Bukujutsu, which I’m now using to fly, is one of them. As for my state now, it’s not permanent. I can change back to my original appearance at any time.”

Natasha nodded: “So you’re saying that even flying is one of your martial arts techniques? And this change of appearance, is it a disguise?”

“You could say so.” Saint did not explain more details, and replied directly: “I am very glad to meet you, Natasha. Now, I have things to do, so, farewell!”

Natasha looked at Saint’s figure that disappeared in the night sky, and frowned saying to herself: “Weird! This little guy…. He seemed to have recognized me. When I deliberately told him that I’m a level-10 agent, he wasn’t fazed, nor did he ask any questions. Perhaps he already knew more than we think about me and SHIELD? But how? Could it be that he had information about us from that… Kame Sennin? I should inform Fury…”

Natasha avoided the public SHIELD communication channel, and took out a military encrypted phone: “Hey, I encountered the flying blond superhuman, and you would never guess who he turned out to be….”

On the other side, Saint relied on Ki Sense to fly straight to Colleen’s location. He left Natasha in a hurry for he had sensed that she was around the four future defenders, and near them, many Ki were approaching; things seemed off…


Five minutes before he went their way, Colleen, Danny and the others ran into each other in a street, and went together into a small alley, hiding in a corner.

“Matthew!” As the five stopped, Danny grabbed the Daredevil by the collar: “Are you insane?! Why would you attack a SHIELD agent?!”

Matt did not resist, and the exposed part of his face showed a bitter expression: “Because… the one they caught before I reached them was Elektra…”

“You’re ex? Isn’t she with Chaste? Why would she be wearing a Hand uniform?”

“I don’t know, but I would never misrecognize her!”

Danny knew how good Matt’s senses were, and could no longer argue with him. He gnashed his teeth bitterly, saying: “Damn it! We’re in big trouble now!”

“No shit!” Jessica angrily echoed Danny’s words, and then turned around to Luke Cage: “What did I say? I told you it was a bad idea to give those two a lift!”


Luke was speechless for a moment, and then said with helplessness on his face: “Jess, it’s no time for going ‘I told you so’. Still, it’s true, we’re all in trouble. While you and I haven’t done anything, I don’t think SHIELD would let go of any of their ‘companions’.”

“Who’s a companion of those bastards?!”

“Jess… Please stop this…”

Jessica pouted, and then turned around to continue ‘pointing fingers’, saying to the silent Colleen: “You! The chick in white, why are you acting so high and mighty like none of this matters to you? You’re killed to agents of SHIELD, and did more than contribute to this mess!”

“I just stunned them.” Colleen frowned and said seriously: “Those two agents were preparing to shoot you! Would you have liked to bullet holes in your body instead?”

“Oh please; they were aiming at my blind lawyer! What does that have to do with me? Do whatever you want, but don’t go around putting the blame on others!”

“Saint was right; you are a crazy woman! There is no reasoning with you!”

“What did you just say?!”

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