The Marvelous Dragon Balls The Marvelous Dragon Balls
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MDB: Chapter 62 KA ME HA ME HA!

“Stop being so noisy!” Matt finally spoke, pushing Danny’s hand: “We should leave! I’m hearing many footsteps approaching. SHIELD has found us; I’m going to divert their attention, and you take the chance to escape in the opposite direction.”

“I’ll stay with you!” Danny shook his head, and his right fist shined golden: “I am Kunlun’s Iron Fist, and you are an apprentice of Chaste. Whether you admit it or not, you are one I have to protect!”

Jessica rolled her eyes, and with a slightly squeaky complaining voice, she clinched fist and twisted her neck saying: “I’m not staying for you! I just don’t want to have to find a new lawyer after today…”

Luke Cage also stepped forward silently, standing side by side with Matthew Murdoch and showing his choice with action.

Colleen, who stood far away, raised her eyebrows in surprise. The four people in front of her never seemed to stop quarreling whenever they were together. However, now that things got real, they were inexplicably able to unite! It seemed rather confusing…

Just as Colleen was hesitating to call Saint, the whole team of SHIELD surrounding them approached the entrance to the alley. Everyone had their rifles in their hands with the safety lock off. Obviously, they were permitted to shoot those who attacked their fellow SHIELD agents, so they almost had their fingers on the triggers.

This was all a massive misunderstanding: The agents attacked by Matt and the others only had time to report an enemy attack before they all lost consciousness. Upon losing communication with them, and since this was a battle against a gang fighting to the death, SHIELD assumed the worst. While their reaction was somewhat extreme, it was justified.

However, Matt and the others did not expect this, and facing the “Surrender immediately or we will open fire!” warning, they felt that SHIELD was too merciless. Facing gun muzzles and probable persecution, how could they surrender?

Therefore, when Saint arrived to the scene, he looked bellow only to find Colleen and the others facing an endless stream of bullets!

Well, in all fairness, it was just Luke taking on SHIELD’s onslaught. With his insanely durable body, he didn’t have need to bow his head before this bullets, and was able to protect Jessica and the others. However, his willingness to protect them also kept him from being able to move and attack.

Saint had been shrouded by flame-like golden Ki ever since he heard gunshots. He flew in as fast as possible, not slowing down as he landed.

“BANG!” The massive impact echoed through the street as he landed on one knee in the alley. Gravel and dust went into the sky, and his power was extremely amazing. For a moment, he grabbed everyone’s attention, and the gunshots became less and less frequent until they finally stopped.

“Before I get angry…” Saint raised his head, and then slowly stood up stepping forwards in large steps, he first said that, and then roared: “GUNS ON THE FLOOR!!!”

At the same time, he opened his palms pointing them towards the agents of SHIELD, and mobilizing air before him. It swirled and turned, raising the dust and debris even higher, as if a typhoon was passing.

Then, all of a sudden, the twenty to thirty agents of SHIELD before Saint were simultaneously pushed away by an invisible massive hand.

All of their feet left the floor, and they found themselves flying away. Luckily for most of them, they just landed on their bums, having to only endure the pain. The few, who were less fortunate, fell on their sides and suffered several minor injuries and bruises. After for the minority that fell on their heads, the poor agents had concussions and fainted on the spot…

This was Saint trying to use ‘Jan Ken: Paper’ with the support of his power level of 374! But this was not the full potential of his attack! He actually made it relatively weaker to cover a larger area. Otherwise, if he was to target one agent with it, it wouldn’t be difficult to slap someone with it into their death!

As Saint was acting on the principle of causing the least necessary harm to people, he just pushed the agents to land painfully but safely away from the 5 behind him; well, at least most of them landed safely.

He was just trying to scare them into opening a path for the others. The four of five who were in charge of directing the sub-teams that gathered for this all stood up difficultly before the rest shouting! “Hold your fire! No one shoots! Did you here? Hold your fire!”

Still, with them not backing down, this was obviously not enough for Saint. He took a big step forward again, and then shouted, waited, a then shouted again in succession: “Open way! Come on…. I said roll! …. Ugh!”

“Can’t you understand?!” Seeing their stubbornness, Saint yelled. The aura shrouding his body suddenly doubled in size, fluttering like a flame. He rapidly spread his arms, and then gathered them before him as if holding a sphere. He then brought them to the side of his waist as they shined with a dazzling golden yellow light!

“High energy response detected! Everyone back! Get back!!!” All the team captains yelled in unison, their voice accompanied by the flashing red lights of their detectors: “The energy response has exceeded a million joules, and it’s still rising! It’s going through the roof! Retreat! RETREAT!!!”

The good training that the SHIELD Agents had received finally showed its value. Even in these life threatening conditions, they did not forget to take care of the wounded. They dragged their unconscious teammates by their arms and collars, not leaving anyone behind.

Saint was actually exhausted holding back the massive amounts of energy condensed between his hands, but he still did not fire, waiting for them all to evacuate. When SHIELD were finally out of range, he finally rotated his torso back shouting: “KA ME HA ME HA!”

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