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MDB: Chapter 63 The Sudden Change


Saint’s voice had not faded, when the golden Ki between his palms shone, releasing a white beam of energy that’s thicker than his thigh. It advanced lightning fast, but remained to be seen clearly as it went, messing with the minds everyone watching!

As the slightly downward inclined beam penetrated the surface of the ground, it seemed to go through seamlessly to fade into the underground, only for the massive sound of an explosion to deafen everyone around. Things blew up as it hit, instantly getting disintegrated with its frightening power into dust that went into the air, forming a small mushroom cloud! The explosion was still sending rings of dust and smoke in all directions, obscuring everyone’s vision.

The poor SHIELD agents thought they had stopped reached safety, and while they were far indeed enough to survive, the shock wave formed by the attack caught up with them, bringing them down again to the ground after they barely made it up to their feet.

On the other side, even Danny and the others, who all had extraordinary physical strength, could not stand up to the aftermath. They all bent over, desperately resisting the shock wave. Finally, when the dust settled down, they all could see clearly: the spot where the SHIELD agents used to be was no a hemispherical barren pit! The frightening sight had everyone in cold sweat, even Colleen.

Matt, the Daredevil, was the first to wake up from the shock. He turned to where he heard Danny and said: “Danny, did you say that Saint Lee was only ‘a little stronger’ than you?”


Danny Rand gulped hard and remained silent for a bit more, and then gnashed his teeth and answered: “How was I supposed to know that he was hiding so much power?! He’s many times stronger than what I’ve seen of him before!”

After saying that, Danny felt deceived, and angrily added: “This lying bastard! When we first met, he even claimed that if I used the Iron Fist, he would be no opponent of mine at all!”

Colleen heard Danny, and found the matter odd as well. However, she knew that Saint was really weaker than him at first. What was weird was the extraordinary speed with which he advanced, and that could only be the result of some big secret that he was hiding!

Of course, any secret of Saint was a secret of hers as well, so she just let Danny go on with this “faking weakness” explanation.

Just then, Jessica Jones suddenly bit her lips and walked over to Colleen’s side asking: “Hey, chick in white, he’s your boyfriend?”

Although such a thing was never ‘officially announced’ between Saint and Colleen, but when hearing Jessica, Colleen nodded without hesitation, proudly replying: “Yes! That’s my man, Saint Lee!”

“Saint Lee…”

Jessica murmured the name again, and her eyes flickered as she smiled, making Colleen feel very uncomfortable. The latter immediately stared at her straight in the eyes and said: “Hey, crazy woman, why are you asking?”

“Who did you just call crazy?!”

“Jess!” Luke Cage stepped forward and pulled away Jessica, who was about to go into a rage. He didn’t want her to bother Colleen in any way. After all, after seeing how powerful Saint could be, he lost confidence in his special body’s ability to go against him. What if Jessica hurt Colleen and made him angry? Could he really step in for her?

At the same time, on the street in front of the alley, Saint was watching the SHIELD agents dispersing and disappearing from the area. After they were gone, he gracefully tiptoed in midair, before flying straight to Colleen.

After landing in front of everyone, Saint ignored the four defenders and only went for his girl: “Are you okay? Have you been injured?”

She smiled and leaned forward, announcing her ‘sovereignty’ over Saint by putting her head on his chest and saying: “Don’t worry; I don’t even have a scratch on me.”

Saint did not seem to expect this reaction out of her. The girl who was chopping up her enemies with her Katana during her last battle was now leaning on him, affectionately longing for his warmth in public… Something was not right!

Nevertheless, the two embraced each other warmly and quietly for a good while before they separated.

Saint held Colleen’s hand and turned to Danny Rand saying angrily: “What have you done, Danny? If I didn’t get here in time, Colleen might have gotten hurt!”

“Hold on!” Jessica did not allow Danny to speak, and jumped in directly: “That’s not what happened! The chick in white is also responsible. If it wasn’t for her…”

“Jones, shut your mouth!” Matt finally interfered, stepping in Jessica’s way. Then, he sincerely apologized to Saint: “I’m sorry; don’t listen to her nonsense. I was the first to attack the SHIELD Agents. Miss Wing was just too nice, interfering to keep me from getting hurt. All of this is my own responsibility. I’m really sorry and willing to make any compensation you deem appropriate.”

Saint looked at the poor lawyer and had no interest in his sincerity. Instead of answering his apology, he turned around to Danny: “If I’m not mistaken, this lawyer is also affiliated to Kunlun… right? He made a mistake, so are you willing to pay for it?”

Danny’s jaw dropped, and he did not know what to say for a good while. It was not that he couldn’t understand what Saint meant; it was actually that the man who just looked “mighty and invincible” was now more like “some rascal” bargaining… The contrast between his characters when protecting and when talking about money was just unimaginable…

‘You are really the dumbest Iron Fist in history!’ Saint thought that Danny did not understand him, and just went straight to the point: “100 grand, to compensate for the psychological damage born out of worry! Hurry up and pay!”




Of the four defenders, three were in absolute shock, unable to even react. Colleen, on the other hand, was so ashamed that she couldn’t even look them in the eyes. She could only reach to Saint’s waist and pinch it with all her force…

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