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MDB: Chapter 64 We Reserve the Right to Prosecute!

Danny took out his phone as if sleepwalking, and got 100,000 Dollars transferred to Saint. He did not feel distressed about the money; a 100 grand were nothing to the heir of the Rand Enterprises, a drop in a bucket to his fortune. However, the sudden change in Saint’s character was enough to cause him trauma….

Well, he wasn’t the only one traumatized….

Fortunately for Saint, this chance to “blackmail” Danny had provided him with a great financial boost, with which he should no longer have to worry much about going broke as he spends more money on food. He returned to his normal attitude, and turned to Matt Murdoch asking carefully: “You said that you’ve attacked SHIELD agents; did you cause any casualties?”

“No!” The Daredevil immediately shook his head: “I just stunned two of the 6 we faced. They shouldn’t even have any permanent damage.”

Colleen also shook her head: “I just stunned two as well.”

As for Danny, he was still a little flustered, and only reacted after everyone’s eyes were set on him. He just said repeated Colleen’s words as well.

‘That’s it?’ Saint thought, and then frowned and said: “Strange… Have SHIELD gone mad or something? Why did they react so radically?”

“Hold on! Be quiet for a moment!” Matt raised his index to silence everyone and then began to listen for something. After a while, his face showed surprise, and he began explaining to Saint: “I just heard SHIELD agents receiving a transmission from their office saying that ‘Team E’ actually had no casualties, and that they only lost contact with them because they all went unconscious. I guess it’s this Team E that we fought; it was all a misunderstanding…”

Hearing that, Saint frowned and raised his eyebrow: “So these SHIELD guys just barge in shooting to kill with non verified information? And they say it’s a global intelligence agency!”

“You’re not being fair. For them, this is a battlefield, and they must respond in time if any incident was to take place. If we were really killing their teams, it would be too late for them by the time they verify the information!” Matt defended SHIELD.


Saint looked at Matt in awe and then said: “You have Stockholm Syndrome or something?”

“I don’t feel like a victim…” Matt shrugged, and he seemed to have something more to say, but then he changed the topic suddenly: “SHIELD are approaching; I hear footsteps of two people!”

While Saint couldn’t use Ki Sense to spy on intelligence agencies’ communication, his technique had a lot more range than Matt’s ears, and he already know that two people were approaching for a while now. Seeing how the other’s faces began to show nervousness, he said: “Don’t worry; they are both acquaintances. You stay here and I will go talk to them.”

From the devastated street leading the alley, Phil Coulson was walking in, when he saw a greatly change Saint flying his way. Seeing that, he could only show a bitter smile and say: “Mr. Lee, saddens me to find out you were hiding so much!”

“Just call me Saint, Coulson.” Saint said. He then waited for Coulson to look like he’s about to respond, just to cut him off again: “I’ve been calling you Agent Coulson for so long that Agent might just become your first name!”

‘Agent? What?’

As Coulson took a deep breath Holding himself from saying: “My name is ‘Phil’, you bastard!”, Saint turned around to look at Natasha. Her eyes confirmed to him that they were only here to talk. Right then, he heard Coulson finally saying: “Saint, you still like making your jokes!”

Saint smiled and patted Coulson’s shoulder: “Your sense of humor has improved; I never thought that I would see the day when you get my jokes!”

‘What the hell are you happy about?’ Coulson struggled to maintain his smile and said: “Knowing you for a while now, I never thought you’d opt to be a superhero.”

“Superhero?” Saint tried to act annoyed, but could not hide that he actually felt flattered: “Please, that joke is not even funny! I just have a little sympathy, that’s all.”

“So…” Coulson was about to continue, when Saint suddenly turned to Natasha and said: “We meet again, Agent Romanoff!”

“I thought we’re past that, Saint…” The beautiful Black Widow smiled and said: “Why not just call me Natasha? Or did my name also become ‘Agent’?”

Saint clapped and pointed at Natasha: “See Coulson? That’s sense of humor! You should learn from her!”

Poor Phil’s mouth twitched, but he did not answer. To avoid any more “jokes” from Saint, he went straight to the point: “Saint, we can let you go, you and your companions, and forget about your attack on our Agents. However, you would have to agree to one condition.”

“Our attack?” Saint replied coldly, saying with disdain: “Trust me Coulson; if I was to really ‘attack’, none of your agents would be alive! The ones who should be complaining about an unwarranted attack are us!”

“We have made a mistake, and I’m thankful for your ‘mercy’!” Coulson seemed to be apologetic, but then his tone suddenly changed: “However, this evening, you and your companions have together made violations of thirteen federal laws, including attacking government officials, the obstruction of law enforcement, the destruction of public properties and the aiding of criminals to evade punishment. If you refuse to compromise, then we will reserve the right to prosecute!”


While Saint was no longer afraid of SHIELD Agents by now, he was still afraid of them mentioning the law. The idea of going to court was enough to get him to say: “I’m listening!”

“It’s really simple!” Coulson smiled: “If you are willing to go with me to our headquarters and see our director, then you could consider that today’s events had never happened.”

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