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MDB: Chapter 65 Lola

“Nick Fury?” Saint immediately uttered the name of the one-eyed man: “Why does he want to see me?”

Both Coulson and Natasha were stunned; the latter even unconsciously stood in combat stance asked Saint as she stared at him with cold eyes: “How do you know that name?”

“Like I know yours…” Saint stared back at Natasha: “Someone as big as Nick Fury, or such a debauchee, of course Kame School would have some…”

“Bang!” The sound of a gunshot interrupted Saint. Natasha pointed her gun to his head, sneered and said: “Call me that one more time; I dare you!”

“Ding!” As Saint loosened his grip, a deformed bulled slipped through his fingertips and fell to the ground. The then shrugged indifferently: “Sorry Sorry! I’m only targeting the ‘one eyed man’; I didn’t intend to expose your years in…”

“Bang!” Saint reached out again, intercepting yet another bullet that was going for his head. After throwing it away, he looked at his palm and sighed: “This is not painless you know! Don’t think I’m just going to stand here like a dummy and watch you continue like this. You’re already tried twice, and I warn you; I only give three!”

“Only three? So cheap!” Natasha put the pistol back in the holster tied to her thigh, and then looked at Saint awkwardly: “Me shooting is a rare scene; most would want to see it more, but most see it only once!”

Saint bit his teeth secretly, shouting in his heart: “She’s off limit!”, and then turned around to Coulson who was already dumbfounded and said: “Well, I agree to meet the ‘one eyed man’! But not now!”

Coulson returned to his senses and frowned: “Then… When?”

“Obviously, you will have to wait for me to get Colleen home.” Saint looked at Coulson, almost in distain, and said: “I have a girlfriend you know; I’m like you ‘single VIP’s here. In half an hour, I’ll see downstairs at Colleen’s Dojo.”


Coulson watched as Saint disappeared into the corner, and then pondered for while before turning to Natasha: “What’s this ‘VIP’? It sounds good, but I can’t get the contexts, and with Saint saying it, it can’t be good!”

Natasha answered angrily, itching to reach for her gun again: “A VIP is a distinguished guest… A dog!” (T/N: The Chinese don’t not use VIP as an acronym for “Very Important Person”; they say it and mean, “distinguished person, which is written like this 贵宾. A ‘贵宾 Dog’, or 贵宾犬, is how they write Poodle. I know, sounds cringy, but the joke isn’t half bad when read in Chinese XD)


On the other side, Saint landed before the four Defenders and said: “You can leave; SHIELD will not pursue you.” After that, Saint waved to Colleen and said: “Hop on! Let’s go home!”

The four watched Colleen hang on to Saint’s neck before the two disappeared into the dark night sky. They could not say a word, all wondering in awe about what he could have done to end such a big deal. While their expressions were all different, they were all equally confused.

After a long silence, Luke Cage suddenly patted Danny’s shoulder saying: “Hard Fist kid, your 100 grand turned out to be of great value after all!”


Danny shrugged uncomfortable, bouncing off Luke’s hand: “Big guy, can you just not mention that?”

Hearing the conversation between the two, Matt sighed and then patted Danny shoulder as well: “Danny, what happened today is my fault. I’ll do my best to give you the money back!”

“Don’t overexert yourself. His last name is Rand! Why would he even care about so little money?” Jessica stretched her waist and yawned, saying: “What a day! It’s finally over!”

“Wait, Jones! You have to be at court tomorrow still, and we have to prepare for the trial together!”

“Well… shit!”


Half an hour later, before Colleen’s building, Phil Coulson was leaning against a red convertible. Looking at Saint’s black hair and eyes, he was slightly surprised. All of a sudden, he started wondering if this was the actual disguise, and if what he had seen back in the alley was Saint’s true face!

As the latter approached Coulson, he looked at the historic antique convertible, and could not help but say with skepticism: “Coulson, don’t tell me you’re planning to use this old car to get me to Fury?”

“Her name is Lola.” Coulson patted the car behind him, and then opened the door and said while getting to the driver seat: “Trust me, Saint, ‘she’ will surprise you!”

“You also gave the car a woman’s name…” Saint rolled his eyes, and walked to the other side to get in the car as he continued: “Why am I not surprised at all?”

Coulson ignored him and turned the key to start Lola, confidently saying: “Sit still, we are about to set off!”

Saint smirked: “Sit Still? Are you afraid it would be so slow that I would want to jump off the seat?”

Coulson smirked as well, and did not answer with words. Instead, he slowly drove to a road with no people, holding the steering wheel in one hand, and then uncovered a switch on the dashboard, flicking it.

The next second, the rims of the four tires started emtting a light blue flame. As they slowly turned under the car, they became flame emitting rings that face the ground. Just like that, the antique car turned into something that belongs in the future!

“Lola” first floated in mid air, and then, as if flying a plane, Coulson pulled the steering wheel backwards, and “she” rose up further, before taking off.


Instead of scaring Saint like Coulson expected, “Lola the Flying Car” awakened the geek in him. After a brief silence, he said: “Is this… the semi-finished concept car that Howard Stark put on display in the 1943 Stark Expo? It was on that day that he first met Captain America.”

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