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MDB: Chapter 66 Acting Cheeky

“How do you… Oh, the Captain America Exhibit! I have to admit, while many people visit that place all the time, I doubt most have such an eye for details!”

Coulson looked back ahead of him, not trying to hide how much he loved this car: “Don’t worries, the Current Lola is not a unfinished prototype or concept car; she is very safe and reliable, and very fast.”

Saint smirked answering: “Worry? You seemed to have forgotten, Coulson. If this car was to fail, the only one in risk of falling to their death is you.”


Half an hour later, Phil landed Lola at the gate of SHIELD’s Headquarters, and Natasha was waiting there for both of them, seemingly for a good while. She greeted Saint who descended from the car saying: “Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters!”

Then she turned around to Coulson saying: “I’ll take over from here on out.”

Coulson nodded, and said: “Tell the…”

“Wait!” Saint did not want to interrupt the two, but he said: “I said I’ll come with him to see Nick Fury!”

Coulson was slightly surprised, but inexplicably, a little moved. Nevertheless, he explained to Saint: “Sorry, Saint, the details of your case have been promoted to become a level 10 secret, and I’m only a level 7 Agent. This can only be dealt with by Agent Romanoff.”

“That’s your problem, not mine.” Saint confidently said: “I will not accept any change of the conditions already set.”

Poor Coulson glanced at Natasha, as if helplessly saying: “You deal with it!”

The latter frowned and she turned around and walked away two steps. After saying something in her earphones, she returned saying: “The director agreed; you can come with us, Coulson.”

“No, no, no!” Saint shook his head, and once again pointed at Coulson and then at Natasha: “He takes me in, you stay!”

Now that she was obviously targeted by Saint’s refusal, Natasha became rather annoyed. However, being the professional she was, she acted as if nothing was serious, and she said she said raising her eyebrow: “Saint, what do you mean?”

“I just don’t want to be around someone who could shoot me at anytime…” Saint was now being cheeky, and said what he knew that no one would believe: “It would make me nervous. When I’m nervous, I might act very inappropriately!”

‘Nervous? You can stop bullet with your hands! How is a gun threatening to you? Half my life I’ve been a special agent, and I’ve never seen such a cheeky bast….’

Coulson stopped himself from saying all that, and stepped forwards pleading: “Saint, you don’t have to worry. Agent Romanoff will not shoot you again. If you really don’t feel relieved, she could also go in with us unarmed.”

The Black Widow could be heard by both men unhappily puffing when she heard the last sentence. However, she still said nothing, and nodded silently.

“No!” Saint shook his head again, looking quite determined: “The famous Black Widow’s entire body is a deadly weapon. With or without a gun, will there be a difference? As long as she stays with me, I will be extremely nervous. What if my ‘super power’ goes out of control? Then the safety of the one eyed man would be at risk! She should stay away from me!”

‘Your super power out of control? Are you serious? What happened to the 10 years of training with absolute control over every bit of Ki in your body? You even used enough force to push back and then scare away 24 highly trained agents, all while having enough control to not hurt them!’ This was what Coulson was about to say arguing with Saint, if Natasha did not interrupt him: “Coulson,”

She turned around and said in a cold voice: “I’ll hand over the matter to you.”

Now, Coulson had nothing more to say, and he just walked through the door while waving to Saint: “Follow me.”

On the other side, Natasha, who already made some distance from the other two, said in her earphone:” Fury, whatever information we have on this man, it’s questionable. Who’s the idiot who assessed that while he has a character that’s a bit bad, his heart is really kind? He is just a sly bastard!”

Five minutes later, Coulson stood at the door of a very large office, saying to Saint: “The director is inside; I can only get you’re here.”

Saint nodded, pushing open the door of the office to find Nick Fury. Only now did he finish listening to the Black Widow complaining about Saint, and he didn’t even get the time time to take a cool pose on his office…

“The one eyes man!” Saint walked in by himself, and did a martial arts salute saying in Mandarin: “I’ve heard so much about you! I’m so glad to meet you!”


Although he had heard this term before from Coulson and Natasha, Coulson never thought that Saint, a younger man, would be impolite enough to use it in his presence. As for what Saint said in Chinese, he understood none of it… (T/N: I think the author here is showing how much Saint actually admires these characters, but how much he tries to hide it and act arrogant in their presence.)

“So…” Nick Fury took a moment to retain his calm before saying to Saint: “You already know about me and SHIELD?”

“Yes. I know about you and of the Black Widow, and how you’re both veterans of a powerful governmental intelligence agency.” Saint talked casually, and attempted to make all his past behavior more coherent: “When I met Coulson and learned about SHIELD, I thought that it might be the Agency you belong to. However, it was a mere guess, and I only became sure upon meeting Natasha.”

“Understood.” Fury suspiciously asked: “Before, you were hiding your power. So why are you deliberately exposing it now?”

“For demonstration purposes;” Saint had used the Kame School matter to explain his secrecy, so now he had to find a way out. Obviously, with everything being his work of fiction, he had nothing to hide: “I have a have a request from you. It isn’t complicated, and it is….”

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