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MDB: Chapter 77 Bloodthirsty Maniac?

Hearing Tony’s reasoning, Saint couldn’t help but chuckle, pointing at the camera that he had destroyed and saying: “So this is what they count as genius these days? As soon as I walked through that door, the Ten Commandments have realized that something is off. Within about half a minute, some of them will come through that corridor!”

Tony shrugged in disagreement: “You’re just talking about a possibility. And if what you’re saying is true, that’s more of a reason for us to try to delay them; no?”

“Wrong, it’s not just a possibility, and wrong, we don’t need to delay them!” As Saint shook his head, he reached out, pushing the rusty iron gate open, and throwing the grenade outside while clenching his fist: “If the ten commandments want to come to their death, let them come!”

‘This kid might actually be more insane than me!’

Tony narrowed his eyes, not sure if Saint was a suicidal madman or a man confident in his capabilities like himself.

“Grenade!!!” Just then, from outside, he heard a sudden scream, just like Saint predicted! Not only did the Ten Commandments’ Terrorists arrive in time, but the grenade was thrown right in front of them!


Tony frowned, as his precise sense of timing allowed him to notice clearly that the approaching men did come in no more than thirty seconds…

“What’s this crappy grenade you have?” Saint turned around to Tony, asking in surprise: “We both heard it hitting the ground hard; why is it not exploding?”

Tony put his palm on his forehead, completely losing whatever confidence he had in Saint: “You really did not graduate from Junior High School, did you? Who told you that a grenade can be detonated through collision? You could shoot the thing with a bullet and it will not explode!”

“Well.. Well… that’s fine!” Saint looked away shamelessly and floated into the air, approaching the gate: “I don’t like bombs anyway! It’s fine if it doesn’t explode!”


‘He is! This kid is really more insane than I am…’

Tony watched in awe as Saint swayed to the terrorists, as if what they were holding were useless fire crackers, not deadly weaponry…

The next second, with his head poking out of the gate, Tony Stark’s eyes caught an amazing sight! As the first terrorist holding his machine gun approached, Saint waved his hand as if swatting a fly, and the man was blown away as if his by an invisible big hand. The man’s whole body flew, his feet leaving the ground, knocking over three other terrorists that followed into a pile!

Unconsciously, Tony reached for his forehead thinking. He had been hit by Saint before on the back of the head. However, his force would not have been nearly enough for this; it was far less than one percent of what he was showing now…

The shocked expression on his face had not subsided yet, when he saw Saint’s right arm being raised, and his fingers spreading as if he was holding a basket ball, before he gathered his fingers slowly, clenching his fist…

As Saint moved his hands, the pile of terrorists was gathered, and slowly raised into the air. Then, under their mad collective screams, they were getting tighter together, as if getting squeezed as Saint’s fingers were being folded inwards. Just like that, what used to be four buff soldiers was squeezed into a pulp of undistinguishable flesh, blood and bones…

‘I just killed them…’

This thought popped up in Saint’s mind in hindsight, scaring him slightly and taking him by surprise. Until this moment in time, he had never taken the life of another human, in neither of his lifetimes! Still, instead of feeling discomfort as he did what he did, he felt so excited that he wanted to shout out….

‘These damn Saiyan genes!’ Saint clenched his teeth, trying to forcibly suppress the sensation of blood boiling in his veins!

Just as he was doing that, he could hear an annoying sound of screams and machine guns. He looked up, only to see two remaining terrorists that were behind their companions shooting him madly! He frowned, and a bright golden flame shrouded his entire body!

One by one, the riffle bullets hit the golden flame, making ripples in it before turning into steel debris and falling off of Saint’s body.

What he had just done was a much more advanced version of “Jan Ken: Gu (Rock)”. The bullets were being pushed into the golden flame’s massive energy by their own momentum, inevitably being destroyed on the spot!

Seeing that the two terrorists who had been dumbfounded and frightened to death were still pulling their triggers, and that the bullets were being completely eradicated by his golden flames, Saint landed and began to advance step by step. He walked slowly, leaving a trail of metal debris as he approached them. He came to the front of the two terrorist, in an awe-inducing majestic manner. His left and right hands pinched their necks, and he raised them up, as if lifting two chicks…

The endless stream of gunshots came to abrupt end, and the two terrorist who actually felt death gripping them by the neck both instinctively squirmed and kicked, trying to get free from Saint’s iron pliers of fingers. Still, with the golden flame surrounding his body, they could not even touch his skin!

Then, Saint slightly rotated both of his wrists, and with a couple of cracks, he took away a couple more lives with ease…

Watching this, not only the enemy was frightened by the situation; Tony and Dr. Yinsin also shivered as they watched Saint throwing away the two corpses as if they were trash, and then turning around to them. Both stepped backwards instinctively. This had nothing to do with trust; both were intelligent enough to have the sufficing instinctive reaction to avoid harm.

Saint did not think much of it. After scanning the area with Ki Sense, he said: “You two get back inside, more are coming. I don’t want to be distracted by having to protect the two of you!”

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