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MDB: Chapter 78 Tony Stark… Humble!

‘This kid is really a madman! He’s taking human lives as if he’s pinching a few bugs, and doesn’t even seem to be slightly emotional about it!’

Tony Stark could only label Saint as an extreme danger, but he then suddenly remembered that as he tried to provoke him before, the young man didn’t seem to get angry, and just was an obnoxious little brat….

Perhaps only fighting turned him into this maniac?

Thinking about this, the label of “extremely dangerous” turned into “relatively dangerous”, and Tony felt a lot more at ease. No one would like being beside a bloodthirsty maniac, but in this situation, some mania that’s tied to fighting was acceptable, and perhaps even wanted!

At this moment, Rhodes’s anxious voice suddenly echoed again in the cave, awakening Tony from his thoughts: “Tony! How are you doing there? We are about to collide with the enemy! You must hold on!”

Tony grabbed the communication device, looked strangely at Saint, and then said in an awkward tone: “Hey… Rody, I’m safe now! You don’t have to worry. Don’t rush in too much, and take your time as you come…”

“Tony, stop with the arrogance you bastard! Now is not the time!”


Tony once again looked at Saint, and then, in a rare moment of seriousness, he said to Rhodes: “Rody, in all my life, I have never been so humble…”

“…. Damn! Your acting has improved! Tony Stark and… humility? Stop bluffing Tony; you sounded so sincere I almost believe you!”



Fifteen minutes later, the team of Colonel Rhodes, Phil Coulson, Melinda May, and few armed soldiers reached the deepest part of the cave, to witness the most incredible scene that they had ever seen…

At the entrance of the chamber, a small mountain of ravaged corpses was piled up, surrounded by a pool of blood that leaked into a small river extending outside… The cold dead bodies were innumerable, and the dismembered limbs lying around were countless…

Having already thrown up several times, Dr. Yinsen, with his face pale, could hardly remain standing…

As for Tony, who could resist the urge to vomit with difficulty, there was no trace of his usual cynicism left on his face, and he looked just gloomy….

As for Saint, he was extremely calm, and his body was clean, not a drop of blood reaching it.

However, despite his deceiving appearance, no one dared to question that the sea of blood before them was entirely his masterpiece…




In this dead cold atmosphere, no one could utter a word. Even the one most familiar with Saint, Coulson, was extremely overwhelmed by what he was witnessing.

Previously, in his several conflicts with SHIELD, Saint never hit so “heavy handedly”. Even against the criminals like those of the Hand and the Axe Gang, he still had mercy, not taking a single life. Therefore, Coulson did not expect at all that this person that he had personally assessed as “obnoxious, but kind hearted”, would make such a massacre!

After all, among the corpses before Coulson, over half of them were squished and destroyed beyond recognition….

Even to Coulson with all his experience, this was simply unthinkable… All these people, previously of different skin tones, were now all of one color: Crimson Red! Just masses of flesh, bones and blood….

“Vomit!!!” After finally seeing Rhodes, Tony Stark could not keep calm anymore…

Seeing the almost dry vomit of Tony, Saint understood why he wanted a cheeseburger as soon as he returned home…

As Rhodes helped Tony, he had finally understood what Tony meant in their last call when asked about the situation: “Indescribable…”

This was the kind of scene that one would only read about in the description of the punishments held after war by ancient tyrant. But now as Rhodes saw it with his own eyes; he understood how shocking it was….

“Let’s go out Tony.” Colonel Rhodes helped Tony Stark, and while they were walking outside, he asked in his earphones: “Is the armored vehicle ready?”

Then, the group rushed out, surrounding Tony Stark, no one wanting to see more of what was back in the cave, and no one remembering Tony’s blueprints of Mark I that were still lying quietly in the corner…


Eight hours later, in the US Air Force Base in Afghanistan….

In front of a white jet, in a gray and black striped suit, Tony had recovered a substantial amount of his old charm, saying in a disappointed look: “What? You’re not going to come with me in my private jet? Why? Can you fly back on your own, Golden Boy?”

“Well, that would not impossible!” Saint shrugged, and then gulped thinking: ‘I’d have to fly for a few days, as I would probably get lost for a while…’ Keeping this sentence to himself, he added: “However, I have a special aircraft awaiting me to take me back home!”

“That of the two CIA Agents?” Tony’s invitation was rarely rejected throughout his lifetime, and he was rather persistent: “A military Aircraft will never be this luxurious, Hair Gel Kid. Believe me; you would regret missing out on this!”

“Well, indeed, when it comes to comfort and luxury, nothing could compete with what you have, Light Bulb Man! But this jet is far more advanced that yours, taking off and landing vertically, and going far faster that what your plane could ever achieve…” Saint shrugged.

“Nonsense!” Not hiding his narcissism, Tony said: “Stop bragging kid. If there’s such a Jet in the World, it would be me making it. Who else would?”

“You dad…” Saint smirked at Tony and explained: “I’m not bragging, it’s not my own plane… This Quinjet of theirs, its core technology was provided by Howard Stark!”

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