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MDB: Chapter 88 Humanoid Self-propelled Dragon Ball Attractor

At the same time, in the northern suburbs of New York, the factory area of

Stark Industries.

At the door of the factory building, an elderly man with a bald head and a white beard holding a cigar, asked Happy at the door, “Where is he?”


Hearing this, the gray-bearded old bald man took out a white access card from the pocket of his neat suit, swiped it at the door, and walked into the bulletproof glass door that opened automatically.

Inside the door, under the giant Ark reactor, stood a handsome middle-aged man, Tony Stark, who had just announced the ceasing of weapon creation in front of the world…

The old bald man strode over to him: “Tony, what do you want me to say to you?”


Tony Stark, who was staring at the Ark reactor, turned his head and said, “Did I just paint a target on the back of my head?.”

“Your head?”

The second largest shareholder of Stark Industries, the top CEO “Obadiah Stane”, held a cigar and put his hands on his waist: “What do you think the over-under on the stock drop is gonna be tomorrow?”

“Optimistically? Forty points.”

“At minimum! Tony, we are an arms manufacturer! An arms industry group that does not manufacture arms? You are making Stark Industries a laughing stock!”

“Obie, I just don’t want the body count to be our only legacy!”

“Tony! that’s what we do! we’re iron mongers, we make weapons “

“It’s my name on the side of the building!”

After a fierce shout, Tony Stark took a breath and said softly: “Obie, we haven’t done enough, we can do better, we can…”

“Can what?”

Obadiah Stan interrupted Tony Stark and asked sarcastically, “We can’t make weapons? Do you want us to start making baby bottles?”

Tony Stark pondered for a while, and then expressed his inner thoughts: “I think we can consider restarting the Arc reactor project.”

“Please, Arc Reactor? It’s just a publicity stunt!”

With the cigar in his hand, Obadiah Stan pointed to the Arc reactor in front of him: “Tony, who are you kidding? We made this just to make some people shut up!”

” ‘This’ is very useful.”

“But there’s no economic benefit! We knew it before we built it, it’s a dead end, isn’t it?”


“MAYBE? In this regard, we have… 30 years without breakthrough research results, right?”

“that is because I……”

Tony Stark turned around with his head held high, and emphasized the “I”: “have never participated in this research.”


Obadiah Stane fell silent. Tony Stark’s reaction was different from what he expected. He thought that with these few words, Tony Stark’s arrogance would definitely come up…

“Obie, your poker face sucks.”

Tony Stark shrugged his shoulders, dismantling Obadiah’s tentative behavior: “Speak straight, who told you?”

“It doesn’t matter who told me, just show me.”

“Rhodey or Pepper?”

“I want to see the real thing.”

“Well, it looks like it’s Rhodey.”

Tony Stark affirmed his guess by speaking to himself, and at the same time unbuttoned his shirt, revealing the light on his chest…

And no, it’s not a light bulb, it’s a fist-sized mini-Arc reactor…

Obadiah Stane grinned silently, looked left and right, buttoned Tony’s shirt in person, and covered the small Arc reactor again.

“What I just said, the Arc reactor is very…”

Before Tony could utter the word useful, he was suddenly stunned as he saw the Arc reactor in front of him flicker as if the energy wasn’t enough and then completely extinguished

Obadiah Stane blinked: “You just said…this thing is very useful?”


Tony Stark glanced at the giant Ark reactor speechlessly, and just when he was about to say this is impossible, he saw a stream of light suddenly appear on the top of the Ark reactor, rushing towards him!


Tony Stark is not Iron Man yet. After seeing an energy beam, he immediately let out a strange shout and rolled and fell to the ground. Then, he saw that light slam into his chest.

“Aw aw aw!”

Tony Stark closed his eyes tightly and crossed his arms in front of his chest. whether you looked at him or heard him, you would think he was a frightened little girl

Then, when the white light hit the small Ark reactor on Tony Stark’s chest, it stopped there, turning from an invisible energy body into a tangible material body.

“Eh? Eh? Eh?”

Tony Stark, who waited for the expected severe pain for a long time, casually touched his chest a few times, and carefully opened one eye, only to see a gray spherical stone, “stuck” on the small Arc reactor on his chest, he tried to pull it with his hand but found that it was stuck quite firmly, even if he tried his best, the stone still remained motionless…

“This unscientific!”

Tony Stark was about to count how many laws of physics this stone violated when the voice of artificial intelligence Jarvis suddenly rang on the mobile phone in his pocket: “Mr. Stark, please pay attention. , The energy contained in the Arc Reactor on your chest is rapidly declining, if this continues, all energy will be exhausted within three hours, please replace it in time.”


Tony Stark suddenly let out a swearing sound. The small Arc reactor in his chest was really his life. Once the energy in it was exhausted, the electromagnet in his chest would also fail, leading to the shrapnel reaching his heart. With this threat to his life, he didn’t even care about Obadiah, who had been dumbfounded for a long time. After covering his chest with the suit, he took off and rushed out like a gust of wind. After leaving the factory, he took the car and went straight to his mansion on the coast of New Jersey.

(Author: I know that according to the setting of the movie, this grandson’s (he meant tony) villa is located in Malibu Beach, California. The problem is that it is on the west coast of the United States, and New York is on the east coast, which are thousands of kilometers apart. Flying there
was absolutely impossible, the director of the film (that is, the actor of Happy Hogan) may need to respect the opinion of the owner of the villa, I don’t need to do that…)

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