The Marvelous Dragon Balls The Marvelous Dragon Balls
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MDB: Chapter 99 This Grandson Is Too Reckless

“Is it really just a coincidence that this grandson flew so far away?

According to Saint’s senses, Tony Stark’s energy is rapidly moving farther away. It’s clear that he wasn’t specifically looking for him. The Dragon Ball, on the other hand, will spontaneously seek out energy sources within a seven-kilometer radius. While this range may not seem large in comparison to the entire city of New York, it’s hard to say how likely it is that Tony Stark would just happen to fly through it by chance. It’s a complex three-dimensional geometry problem, and Saint can’t quite wrap his head around the calculations.

Fortunately, it’s already past dinnertime, and Saint’s restaurant isn’t exactly packed with customers. Only he and Lorna happen to see the flash of light soaring into the sky.

“… boss? What was that…?”


Saint raises a finger to his lips, indicating for Lorena to be quiet. He then turns and heads towards the back door of the restaurant, calling over his shoulder, “Lorena, tell Colleen to take over the store for now.”

As he enters the dimly lit alley, Saint uses both ” Sky Dancing ” and “Afterimage Fist” techniques to merge into the dark night sky. By the time the afterimages on the ground have vanished, Saint has already soared into the sky several thousand meters above.

“As expected, this grandson is up to his old tricks again… recklessly putting his life on the line.

Saint followed closely behind Dragon Ball, soaring straight up into the sky. Ahead of him, Tony Stark was also flying straight up. By now, he must have reached an altitude of 10,000 meters. Just like in the movie, it seems he wants to see who can fly higher – Iron Man suit or an Air Force surveillance plane.

Well, grandson, you’re about to freeze up any minute now…

Saint grumbled with malicious glee. It wasn’t until he had reached an altitude of 10,000 meters that he emitted a bright glow from his body. In an effort not to disturb the peace with a sonic boom, he only used about 70-80% of his power, flying towards the moon in the sky at subsonic speeds like a commercial airliner. He wasn’t particularly worried about catching up to the Dragon Ball. If he could catch it, it would be great, but if he couldn’t, well… it’s Tony Stark who would have to suffer in the end, so he wasn’t in any rush.

Although both of them are flying, Saint’s Sky dancing had already nullified his own gravity, so no matter which direction he flew, there was little to no resistance. On the other hand, Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit didn’t have this miraculous function. While flying straight up, he was completely canceling out the thrust equivalent to gravity by going against it head-on. As a result, his acceleration was much slower than when he was flying horizontally or diving down, and his current flight speed was much slower than Saint’s. The gap between the two of them was getting smaller and smaller.

“Sir, there’s a strange flying object heading straight for us at high speed!”

“I see it,” Tony Stark replied, staring intently at the object. “Jarvis, make note of this. It’s actually a known flying object called a Gel-haired-kid.”

“My apologies, sir. New data has been added to the database.”

Due to the bright glow emanating from Saint’s body, Tony had momentarily overlooked the flash of light of the Dragon Ball. Believing that Saint was in pursuit, he quickly commanded, “Jarvis, give me full thrust! Let’s speed up!”

“Captain, the surface of your armor is freezing over rapidly. The armor could be damaged as a result.”

“Keep going up,” Tony said determinedly. “We’ve got to get higher.”

His adventurous spirit (or perhaps it was just his death wish) prompted him to make this reckless decision, and he shouted excitedly, “Higher! Higher!”

Saint, who was now dangerously close, watched as Tony’s shiny silver armor was quickly covered in a thick layer of frost, which began to spread inward and threaten the integrity of the armor.

With a loud crack and a burst of sparks, the Iron Man suit’s internal wiring shorted out. The main thrusters at the feet sputtered and died, followed closely by the secondary thrusters on the hands. The bright white light in the suit’s eye sockets flickered and then dimmed, signaling that the AI assist system had been forced to shut down due to a loss of power.

Without any propulsion, the Iron Man suit continued to soar through the air for a few seconds before gravity took hold and it began to plummet toward the ground.

Inside the suit, Tony Stark was plunged into darkness as his auxiliary vision vanished. Struggling to maintain his bearings, he shouted frantically, “Jarvis, deploy the wings and clear the ice from the inside of the armor!”

“Javis?!” Tony Stark couldn’t believe his eyes. The power outage had even caused him to forget the most basic fact about Javis. There is no Javis without electricity.

As the chaos unfolded, Saint flew towards Tony Stark at a slower pace. He knew that if he caught the falling Iron Man armor too abruptly, it could potentially break Tony’s waist.

The dragon ball’s glowing energy had already caught up to Tony and was sticking to his chest like a stone. Saint hesitated and furrowed his brow as he watched the frozen armor plummeting toward him. He wasn’t sure if the suspension system of the Iron Man armor, which was designed to absorb shock, operated mechanically or if it required electrical power to function. If it was the former, the opposing forces shouldn’t harm Tony. But if it was the latter… well, there was a chance that Tony might end up in a wheelchair.

Better safe than sorry, Saint Strange thought to himself as he prepared to catch the falling armor.

In a maneuver that would be impossible for the Iron Man suit, Saint makes a complete turnover, reversing the direction of his flight and transitioning from an upward ascent to a downward descent. He maintained a similar speed to Tony Stark as he fell, grabbed onto the back plate of the Iron Man suit, and gradually slowed down until he was hovering in the air, holding the suit in one hand

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