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T.S.H Chapter 100: Naito’s strength

Another Ninja from the Rock arrived.
At this time, the Rock army finally got completed.
One of the Leaders of the Anbu and an elite from the rock couldn’t help but notice a weird thing.
To be more precise, they noticed Naito’s sword.
“That sword…”
“It’s a Kusanagi sword, didn’t the Sand had it, how could it be in the hands of a guy from Konoha.”
Both of them had a hint of a shock on their faces.
At that moment, a Ninja came to the two of them and said: “Sir, there’s no other Ninjas around, it’s only these two.”
After he took a glance, he said: “The woman can’t move anymore, actually, it’s only this one guy.”
“Then what are you waiting for? Take them down quickly, if you can’t catch them, just kill them!”
In a moment, all of the Ninjas looked at Naito and Tsunade.
Tsunade was still stunned by Naito’s words.
Even if it was Sakumo, even the Hokage himself wouldn’t dare to say something like this!
It’s just…
She just couldn’t understand this Anbu.
At that time, with a murderer’s eyes, Naito’s sword moved.
But he didn’t use any technique… it’s was just a normal Shock Wave.
Shock Wave!!
Naito sent a shock wave from his Kusanagi sword flying toward the enemies, it was slow but it looked a little bit invisible.
The wave shock kept flying toward them.
Some of them managed to avoid it, but others couldn’t.
Regardless of whether they avoided or not, the shockwave didn’t stop there, it kept moving until it hit the trees behind them, and suddenly they got destroyed.
“What is this?!”
The Ninjas who escaped this attack had a surprised expression.
And in the next moment, their eyes got widened.
They had an incredible expression.
Suddenly… Cracks spread out on the space, whether they were close or far, all the Ninjas jumped away!
They got split into two groups!
Some other threes got crushed along with some of Ninjas who got split into two halves from the waist, the blood got splashed everywhere!
A cut from a sword killed ten people!
The Ninjas got silenced.
The only sound they were hearing was the sound of a big tree getting crushed.
On the other side, an Anbu from the Rock looked at Naito with a hint of disbelieve.
“You… are you from the Special Force Unit of Konoha?!”
Naito didn’t answer his question, but he gently lifted his sword, then he waved it.
Naito made his second attack.
After they saw this scene right now, who will dare to stand against it?!
Although the shock wave is a simple move that will lose its power at a long distance, the Ninja in front him was really close.
The speed this time was extremely high, you can see it by your eye, but you will never be able to avoid it.
It seems like he can control its speed.
Under the power of this attack, another Ninja got killed.
He didn’t have the time to dodge it, nor he had time to use a clone, he got shuttered by Naito’s technique!
At the same time, because this shock wave was a vertical one, it hit the ground, then terrible cracks spread out at a long distance.
Behind Naito, Tsunade was looking at him all shocked, she couldn’t speak a word.
A simple two cuts from his sword shut all of them up!
This is not a strength that a Shinobi could have!
No! It’s not even the strength of a Jonin or an elite!
This strength made all of the Ninja in the place think of only one word.
In this world, the Anbu strength doesn’t have a limit, the Anbus are above all of the other Shinobis!
Is this the strength of an Anbu?
But Naito didn’t care what they were thinking.
Before he got the Kusanagi sword Naito always feard that he will encounter someone with a secret forbidden Technique and lose.
But after he got this sword, Naito didn’t fear anything anymore.
Naito wasn’t sure if his shock wave was compared to Sakumo’s Raikin, yet he was confident that there’s no one stronger than him in the whole Anbu department!
Naito is not afraid to say that he can smash them all by himself.
His strength cannot be threatened by any kind tactics, they all are like ants to him!
There is less than twenty Shinobis left.
These people are all elites.
But in front of Naito’s power, they were all afraid, some of them were even falling back!
No one dared to attack Naito!
However, this is doesn’t mean that he will let them go.
Suddenly, Naito made a move.
At this time it was no longer a simple cut, Naito directly rushed toward them at high speed.
His speed was extremely fast, even if they were all well-trained shinobis, they all freaked out.
“Be careful!!”
One of them shouted, but it was too late.
Naito’s shadow got passed directly by the side of this Ninja.
And suddenly, he got cut into two halves.
Naito directly rushed toward the second Ninja.
The second one had time to react, but the only thing he thought of was defense.
With a hint of desperation, he didn’t dare to cast any attacking Ninjutsu, then he quickly printed hand signs.
“Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall!!”
A tall wide wall of rocks appeared.
However, in the face of this technique, Naito didn’t stop, holding his Kusanagi sword in both his hands, Naito struck.
“Earth Release: Shogekiha!”


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