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T.S.H Chapter 99: One Cut!

Tsunade was so tired, she could hardly stand up, Naito was with her, but it was almost impossible for them to escape.
She couldn’t help but smile, Tsunade shook her head, and said with a weak voice: “You cannot save me alone, just go, and send the information back to the camp.”
When he heard this sentence, Naito was slightly quiet.
The Rock’s Shinobi has already caught to them, their intentions were so clear, they’re here to kill, some of them was already printing hand signs, and others were holding their Kunais and Shurikens.
Seeing this scene, Naito shook his head slightly, then he gently helped Tsunade lean on a big tree beside him.
Tsunade didn’t say any other word.
However, the next moment shocked her.
Because, after he did that, Naito didn’t leave, he turned his back facing the enemy army!
At that time, those who were in the front saw Naito and Tsunade.
Although there was a slight little change in the situation, this is didn’t change their intentions, suddenly, all of them launched their attack.
For a moment, all kind of ninja weapons were sent flying toward Naito, shurikens, Kunais, needles, everything!
Looking at this attack, Naito’s eyes become very serious.
“I have two choices, letting you and run away… or, killing all of them and save you.”
After he said this, a weird aura appeared around Naito, and his eyes became cold.
“And I choose… the latter!”
At the next moment, facing this storm of weapons, Naito took a step toward it, then he printed a Hand Sign.
From a white smoke, the Kusanagi sword made his first appearance.
“Earth Release: Shogekiha!”
Holding his sword with two hands, Naito struck.
A white shocking energy sword cracked the space like a broken glass!
The broken space and the weapon storm collided!
For a moment, all the weapons feezed in mid-air.
Then… Boom!
All the weapon got broken into little pieces, but the shocks kept on hitting them until they turned into powder.
Then they all got disappeared.
All of these weapons got hit by Naito’s technique, it’s only natural that they didn’t have a chance!
With one cut from his sword, he stopped all of their attacks!
All of the Rocks Shinobis got stunned, all of their faces had a shocked expression while they looked at Naito.
“What is this Ninjutsu?!”
“He didn’t print any hind signs, he only waved his sword, it should be some kind of Kinjutsu.”
“This guy attack has completely blocked all of our attacks.”
After he stopped them, they all spoke with horror about him, and in the rear, the Rock Shinobi continued on catching up.
Seeing that strange scene in the field, they didn’t dare to launch an attack, but they asked other people about it.
At this point, the entire field is already a mess.
The location of the battle was in the forest.
In front of Naito, there was almost an army of enemies, and behind him, there was Tsunade who was all exhausted.
He was in the middle of the two parties.
There was a lot of trees around them, but they all disappeared.
All of those trees turned into countless pieces of woods the moment they got hit by Naito’s Shock, even the ground got a little bit destroyed.
All of them stood there, while more and more Shinobis arrived from the rear.
One man, one sword, and one cut destroyed all of their weapons.
At the back, Tsunade’s was so surprised.
At the first, when he told her that he’s gonna kill all of these enemies and save her, she thought this man is crazy.
At the same time, she felt that his sound was familiar.
But she couldn’t remember, but then he pulled off a sword and destroyed all of their attack with one cut.
This scene shocked her.
Even if she was in her best condition, she wouldn’t manage to pull this kind of power.
This guy… he’s not an ordinary Anbu, he’s probably a member of the special force unit, and these guys are the strongest Ninjas in the whole village!
As soon as she thought about this, she doubted the feelings that she knew the identity of this guy.
After all, Naito was using a sword, and his Shock power is much stronger than before, even his appearance changed, he’s so different.
Therefore, although the situation seemed very familiar, it was impossible for here to know that this is the same kid who fought against Uchiha Samui.
However, the only thing she was certain about is that guy is a member of the Special Force Unit, and he’s much stronger than her!
“There are more than thirty enemies, at least two of them are elite Jonins, and five of them are Anbus… don’t lose your focus.”
Looking at Naito’s back, Tsunade couldn’t help but see a ray of hope.
She saw how strong he was, perhaps he really can save her.
However, fighting against thirty people is just too much.
Even if Hatake Sakumo was here it won’t be an easy task.
“Thirty people… Understood.”
Naito nodded at her, but didn’t look back, and continued on looking ahead.
While he gently pointed his head toward the enemies, Naito whispered at her and said: “Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if it is one or thirty.”
“It doesn’t matter when all you can see… is ants.”
Naito was calm, but the stare on his face was so cold, this stare only is capable of killing a person.
When he got the Kusanagi sword and knew his identity, Naito’s feelings got mixed with murderer emotions.
And this occasions of Tsunade being captured is the place where he’s gonna direct these emotions.


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