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T.S.H Chapter 98: Finally Arrived!

“In this case, we must move immediately.”
While she said that she leaned toward the Hyuga guy, then took a deep breath.
When she was about to say another thing, a ninja interrupted her and stood up.
“Tsunade-Dunno, it’s my turn now to be the decoy.”
Tsunade stood up and wanted to say something, but the ninja interrupted her again.
“Your more important than us, you’re also the medical ninja of this team, so it must be me.”
This ninja was a Jonin from Konoha.
These two people are the only Jonins in the team including her.
After he said that, the Ninja didn’t wait for Tsunade to respond, he immediately went out toward one of the directions.
Seeing this scene, Tsunade clenched her teeth and closed her eyes.
Although the Ninjas are well-trained, yet even in this case, there’s not a lot of people who have the will to face their death this bravely!
These kind of people are heroes!
After a long time, Tsunade finally raised her head again and opened her eyes, then she had a cold calm look on her face.
“Yuhen, what’s the situation?”
“Tsunade-Dunno, Ren managed to attract the enemies, one of the directions become clear.”
“Okay, let’s go!”
Tsunade took a deep breath, and her eyes become serious.
She must live, for those who sacrificed their own lives for her, she must live!
On the muddy road, a shadow rushed over, it’s as if he didn’t even touch the ground.
This speed cannot be seen by the ordinary people, a shadow is all what they will see.
Naito was rushing over until he approached the location.
It’s the forest.
When he almost reached it, Naito slowed down, this place should be full of enemies.
It’s not that far from the Rain Village, and it’s very likely to encounter enemies at any time, yet it’s not also impossible to directly find Tsunade.
But Naito didn’t think much, even if it was dangerous, Naito had to go in.
When he was weak, she tried to save him and didn’t hesitate to face the Uchiha Clan, in order to save him, she even fought Uchiha Kageyama.
She also gave him the scroll of the Brutal Force Technique, relying on that technique, Naito defeated a lot of enemies.
After he took a deep breath, Naito suddenly entered the forest.
“Hurry up!! She can’t be far away!”
“Damn, we cannot let her escape, this is absolutely unacceptable!!”
Several of the Rock Village had angry expressions and a large number of Ninjas where searching in the forest.
There’s also some Anbus from the rock.
They all had a murderer look on their faces.
And in front of them, there was a person running at full speed, it was Tsunade.
However, this time, the situation was very bad, she had some serious injuries, and she couldn’t treat them.
It’s not a matter of time, but her Chakra wasn’t enough.
At that time, Tsunade has not yet mastered the Reverse Seal, so her strength wasn’t at the same level as the original story.
Wasting time was the best thing she could do.
Hyuga Yuhen wasn’t there.
He managed to guide them through the direction he told them about.
But while they were escaping, he stayed behind to stop some Rock Shinobis who were chasing them, he managed to kill them before he died!
This is one of the reasons that made the Rock Shinobis more angrier.
This ambush becomes a complete failure.
Even if they managed to kill Tsunade now, it won’t be worth the casualties!
Therefore, the leader team of the Rock Village was about to get insane, this wasn’t only about his leading skills anymore, since he didn’t even listen to the Anbu’s advice when he had the chance!
Tsunade start to feel tired, and the number of the enemies who were chasing her in the forest was really big, they were about thirty or forty people.
But this number was much bigger when they start the ambush, Tsunade’s team managed to kill almost half of them!
Tsunade kept on running forward, there was no meaning for her to turn back and fight, she didn’t have any more power in her, what kept her of all this time was her pure willpower.
The sacrifice of Ren opened her the road, so she kept running toward the Rain Village, hoping that she will come out of this forest, as long as she reaches the Village, there’s a chance for her to escape.
This is the only hope that kept her alive up until now.
However, she wasn’t relying on the until that Konoha has sent to help her. 
It’s impossible for them to reach this place in this short notice.
Since no one reached the place by this time, that’s means there wasn’t anyone close to this place.
And even if some does, this location was in the enemies territory, it will be really difficult for the Konoha team to rescue her.
“Is this end?”
The Rock Shinobis were getting closer, and her speed was gradually becoming slower, she was struggling to keep her speed.
Just as they were about to reach her, she suddenly saw a figure getting closer to her.
This figure suddenly flashed and came directly in front of her.
Subconsciously she threw a punch toward him, but that punch didn’t have any power,  her fist got caught directly by this comer.
At that time, she took a good glance at him.
Because this was a rescue mission, Naito ran all the way wearing his cloak and mask, because he didn’t want to get exposed by any enemies.
At the first glance, she recognized that this was the dress of the Anbus of Konoha.
At the same time, she had a strange feeling of familiarity, but it was impossible for her to know that he was Naito, since he really changed a lot from the time she saw him.
When he reached her, Tsunade was about to lose all of her power and faint out.
Naito caught her then he gently landed on the ground.
At that time, the Rocks Shinobis finally arrived.
The leader finally breathed with a sigh of relief, but he suddenly got surprised, looking at the back of Naito and he couldn’t help but ask: “You… they sent one person?!”
“One person is enough.”
Naito replied softly.
This voice seemed very familiar, but she couldn’t remember, her face was really pale at that moment.
Only one person, how can he save her?!


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