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T.S.H Chapter 493: Destroy

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The pyramid-shaped dimension was the closest, The crystal ice the second, and the desert was the farthest.

There are a total of six dimensions. They seemed to be very close, but space here cannot be measured by the distance that the naked eye can see. Ordinary people who come here will exhaust their life force before getting near to any of these sides.

At first, Naito was a little surprised by the scenery around him, then he looked at the shocked Kaguya, and without saying anything, he threw a punch.


The space around the fist directly cracked.

Kaguya tried to open a space portal and escape, but she didn’t expect Naito’s punch to bend and distort the space. The moment she opened that space portal, it abruptly twisted!

However, it was either facing Naito’s punch or go in, so she entered the unstable space portal.

Immediately, Naito’s shock force blasted the vortex-shaped space portal.


The Shock force completely smashed the portal.

Naito couldn’t control the space like Kaguya, who could summon dimensions and control them at will.

However, Naito could destroy dimensions.

If Kaguya’s power is control, then Naito’s power is pure destruction!

“Where do you think you’re you going!”

Seeing that Kaguya was totally unwilling to fight him head-on, Naito couldn’t let her escape. Without any hesitation, Naito turned into an illusory form and went through the unstable space portal.


Naito appeared in a weird space. The ground here seemed to be made from crystalline, containing terrifying strong gravity that instantly pulled Naito’s body from the sky to the ground.

However, it seems that he was on the wrong path, Kaguya wasn’t here.


Naito glanced around, and after a cold snort, he threw a punch.


Space was shattered, and a black hole appeared in front of Naito, who stepped through it without thinking twice and came to the ice and snow world.

There he finally found Kaguya, who her expression changed the moment she saw him and turned around without hesitation.

She had never expected that Naito’s power would be this violent. He was simply smashing the space and chasing her around from dimension to another.

Kaguya would rather face Hagoromo and Hamura once again and fight against the Rinnegan and the Tenseigan than fight against a space crusher like Naito.

Crack! Crack!!

Suddenly Naito heard the sound of the ice cracking, he looked at his foot to find that he was already freezing, and in a matter of a second, his entire body froze.

However, a bright white light suddenly burst from Naito’s body, and the ice exploded as the cracks surrounded Naito’s body!

The traces of fragmentation continued to spread in all directions reaching every edge of the Ice World and shattering it all!

However, as he focused on destroying this realm, Kaguya took this opportunity to open another portal and escape.

Naito’s expression was indifferent. Even if she escaped, he will just crush the space again and chase here.

A total of six realms and Kaguya and Naito kept circling around them.

Kaguya was beaten by Naito every time, occasionally trying to use her All-Killing Ash Bones technique, but Naito smashed it every time with his fist.

Kaguya however, was the ancestor of Chakra. She could use every Bloodline Limit that the world has once known, yet no matter what kind of trick she used, Naito’s answer was always simple; one punch to destroy everything!

Kaguya never thought that the battle would turn out to be like this. It wasn’t a battle about who has the most Chakra or the strongest technique. It was just Naito slamming everything with his fists. It was almost impossible to fight back.

“If I want to deal with him, I will have no choice but to use that move, but… that technique will cost me a lot of Chakra…”

Kaguya continued to flee, frowning, thinking about how to deal with Naito while running away.

In the chasing battle with Naito, she was attacked by Naito’s shock force more than once, and that power was also effective on her immortal body!

Just like her All-Killing Ash bones, if it’s genuinely nailed to Naito’s body, it would have definitely killed him, but that never came close to happen yet.

However, the problem is that Naito managed to hit her, but she couldn’t beat him just once.

How is fighting like this?

Kaguya was already a little dazed, and she didn’t know to fight anymore. She could only use the power of the space to hide again and again.


Once space was shattered again, Naito stepped forward, then looked at Kaguya, running away and snorted.

Playing like this has already annoyed Naito.

Although he can keep this until Kaguya consumes all of her strength, he didn’t know how much that would take.

This is one of Kaguya’s six dimensions, the Ice World. The ground here was entirely made of ice, and it was continually repairing itself.

“There are six dimensions… In that case…”

Naito floated in the air and glanced at the frozen world with a sharp look in his eyes.

Suddenly the Chakra surged violently, and horrifying waves of killing intent poured out of his body.


Naito’s expression became severe. After clenching his fist, he put crossed his hand against his chest, then he shouted, hammering both of his fists at the void.


The two punches fell, and the entire dimension was shocked.

Around Naito’s fists, a terrifying black crack spread in all directions without any intention to stop and instantly reached the end of this Ice World.

Like a mirror, the entire dimension cracked and shattered with no way to be healed again.

Finally, the entire Ice World collapsed!


In the Magma space, Kaguya was standing there with an extremely alert expression. She was using her Byakugan the entire time to see everything around her. The moment the space cracks, she will immediately move to the next dimension.

But at this moment, her expression suddenly changed, revealing a horrified expression.

“Impossible! That guy has destroyed the Ice Dimension…”

Kaguya was the one who created all the six dimensions, and once one is destroyed, she will undoubtedly know it.

In the battle with Naito, her dimensions were damaged, but they were frequently being repaired. So unless they were hit by power on the same level as her creation powers, it would be challenging to be completely destroyed.

After all, each of these dimensions was equivalent to a world.

However, Naito actually destroyed one of her dimensions, proving that Naito might have already possessed the strongest power!

Just when Kaguya’s expression became so ugly, the space in front of her suddenly shattered.

This time before he could even reach the Magma Dimension, Kaguya opened another space portal, and without any hesitation, she escaped.

Silently, Kaguya appeared in the acid world, but at this time, she gritted her teeth, ash she focused on her Magma Dimension.

However, before she could see anything, she felt a buzz in her mind.

The destruction of the Magma Dimension!

At this moment, Kaguya was finally a little shocked.

Destroying two dimensions in a row, for her, is equivalent to releasing two consecutive Extended Truth-Seeking Balls, which is simply incredible.

Before Kaguya could even react, the void shattered again, and Naito stepped into the acid world.

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