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T.S.H Chapter 494: Expansive Truth Seeking Ball

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The Acid World, destroyed!

Desert World, destroyed!!

Gravity World destroyed!!!

Helplessly watching her five dimensions being destroyed one after another by Naito, Kaguya felt shocked.

Although she can also destroy a world or even create one, she’s not capable of this. Shattering five in a row is even out of her league!

After destroying one world, Naito would rush to the next one, completely ignoring her!

Finally, one final dimension was left.

Kaguya in the air took a deep breath, then a touch of determination appeared in her eyes, and the Rinnegan in her forehead started surging a crazy amount of Chakra.

This is the end. There’s no other way to do, only to fight to the death!

In her heart, she knew that even if she asked for mercy, Naito wouldn’t let her go. He would certainly want the take her God Tree Fruit for himself, and she will never give it up. After all, it meant life itself to her.

Besides, she was the ancestor of Chakra, and she will never beg for mercy from anyone!


Space shattered once again, Naito stepped in, then looked up at Kaguya in the sky faintly.

“Expansive… Truth-Seeking Ball!”

Kaguya’s strength has been consumed too much, and it’s almost reaching the limit. If she keeps this fight any longer, she won’t be able to use this technique.


Under the violent surging of her Chakra, the Truth-Seeking Ball began to form and grow larger.

This is the change of Chakra Nature of the Wind, Thunder, Water, Fire, Earth, Yin, and Yang!

The ultimate truth-seeking ball is also Kaguya’s ultimate technique, which contains the power of destroying the world and recreating it.

The Truth Seeking-Ball kept getting larger and wrapped Kaguya inside it, while she stared at Naito coldly.

“This technique has the power to destroy the world, and this gonna be the end.”

“So… Whom end it will be?”

After saying that, Kaguya disappeared inside the Expansive Truth-Seeking Ball.

As it grew larger, signs of fragmentation gradually appeared in the space.

Watching this scene, and hearing Kaguya’s words, Naito couldn’t help but smirk and looked up with absolute confidence!

“Yes… it will be your end!”

Facing the expansive truth-seeking ball, Naito didn’t wait for it to destroy the dimension but gathered all of his strength for a last one punch.


At this moment, the world fell apart.

At the collusion, a dazzling light converged, filled the space, condensed into one point, and finally collapsed.

Even in the Shinobi World, a bright white light appeared in the distant sky, like a star, bursting in the sky.

The night was controlling the Shinobi World at that moment. However, the burst of this star illuminated almost the entire world.

However, no one can appreciate this beautiful and shocking view because everyone was in Genjutsu.

Gradually the light faded away, and the sky turned dark.


Inside the nothingness.

The violent spatial energy raged here, even a Six Paths user would quickly run out of power just trying to stand here, and finally, his body will tear apart.

However, in this turbulent flow of void, there was an illusory figure floating, despite the constant pressure of the space power, he was unscathed as if he has integrated into space.

It was Naito.

After destroying the Expansive Truth-Seeking Ball, Kaguya was crushed and failed to create a new world, so Naito fell into the void of nothingness.

Naito was slowly moving in this void.

Naito can blend his body into space without any harm, but if he wants to move in it, he must resist the power of the turbulence of the void.

After all, the power of space here is completely disordered, and even techniques like the Flying Thunder God are ineffective here.

Unless you can open a long-distance space channel, you can’t just teleport in her.

After moving forward for a while, Naito reached out with his hand and grasped the void.


Suddenly, something weird appeared in his hand. It looked like strange fruit that even this void couldn’t destroy.

After it fell into Naito’s hands, it began to struggle desperately, but there was no way to break free from Naito’s hands.

“It’s over.”

Naito looked at the fruit and murmured softly, his will suddenly fell, as he held it fiercely.

Suddenly, the fruit stopped shaking.

“The Tree God Fruit… huh.”

Holding the fruit in his hand, Naito smiled happily.

Many other dimensions and worlds could be seen from the crystal walls inside this chaotic and distorted void.

The closest was the Shinobi World.

However, even though it was the closest, moving to it inside this void was consuming a lot of Naito’s strength.

Consuming even more power than Naito used to destroy Kaguya’s dimensions.

“Since I can’t create a space channel, it’s really troublesome, but… I will have a lot of time later to study it.” In the Shinobi World sky, his figure gradually took its form, and he finally returned to the Shinobi World. He then glanced at the God Tree Fruit in his hand and smiled slightly.

Glancing at the Shinobi World below, Naito let go of the fruit, and it suspended naturally in the air, then he used a one-handed seal on it.

“Infinite Tsukuyomi: Release!”


The God tree’s sturdy roots and stems withered one by one, and everyone fell back to the ground, opening their eyes in confusion.

And the rays of the sun once again rose from the end of the world.

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