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T.S.H Chapter 523: One Punch

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“Okay, that’s fair, you got a bit of strength and thought you’re just gonna treat this as your home, and do whatever you want, right?!” Akainu gritted his teeth angrily, “I’ll tell you something, you’re not strong enough to do whatever you want brat!”

“Instead of destroying the pirates and maintaining justice, you decided to fight the Vice Admiral here, even if the Fleet Admiral has forbidden it. Today, I feel like I must teach you little brat one thing or two.”

As he said, his right shoulder suddenly exuded terrifying heat, and half of his body suddenly turned into a hot blood-colored lave!

In the next moment, Akainu’s clenched his fist and rushed suddenly toward Naito, ignoring that they were in the lounge of the Marineford.


The punch didn’t connect yet, but the scorching heat has already reached Naito’s face. With this kind of heat, Akainu doesn’t even need to touch ordinary people to burn them.

Naito casually held the hilt of the Kusanagi no Tsurugi with one hand, then moved the sword forward.


Akainu’s fist and the sword collided, and as if the air was rippling, a hum emitted, and the monstrous hot lava was stopped.

Akainu’s fist was completely stopped with just a sword that was so lightly moved by Naito!


Akainu raised his head, and the anger in his heart was instantly dissipated and replaced by a look of surprise. Full of anger, Akainu subconsciously went all out, but Naito could still stop him with his sword!

How can this guy be this strong?!

Akainu was a little shocked. Although Kizaru had told him that Naito was very strong, he thought he’s just acting playful as always.

Moreover, as an Admiral of the Marine Headquarters, Akainu has also tasted the edge of Mihawk’s sword many times. He clearly perceived that the intent sword Naito has just revealed right now, was still a bit far away from Mihawk.

Although Naito is strong, he wasn’t strong enough. At best, he’s as strong as the right hand of one of the Yonko.

However, his all-out punch was actually taken down by Naito lightly. His strength was clearly inconsistent with what Naito had revealed just now!

In shock, Akainu was in disbelief and once again hit Naito with a punch.

However, the result didn’t change. It was still blocked by Naito’s sword. Not even a drop of lava managed to go through the Kusanagi no Tsurugi sword!


Looking at how shocked Akainu looked, Naito held the Kusanagi no Tsurugi sword in one hand, and looked at him plainly, as if he was looking down from the clouds.

“Aren’t you just a frog at the bottom of the well that doesn’t know the height of the sky? I have seen Devil Fruit with a natural element. There’s nothing new here…”

Naito looked at him with a touch of contempt in his eyes, then suddenly waved his sword and disappeared out of thin air and merged with his body.

At the same time, Naito suddenly clenched a fist and dropped it at Akainu in front of him.

Seeing Naito’s fist, Akainu subconsciously slammed his fist to blocked it, wondering why Naito didn’t use a sword and chose to fight him head-on.

However, the moment the fists touched, Akainu’s expression instantly changed.


He felt that a terrifying to the extreme power burst out from Naito’s fist. It felt as if it was chaos that immediately devoured his magma!

Immediately afterward, this terrifying force fell on Akainu, and his whole body collapsed suddenly, turned into a ball of magma, then flew out.


Akainu’s body that turned into magma hit the floor, smashed it instantly, fell to the next, and then smashed through the next.

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

The magma mass continuously blasted through multiple floors, finally hit one of the walls on the way down, flew directly and crashed onto the square in front of the Marine Headquarters Building, and smashed it entirely, leaving a big hole in its center!

The ordinary marines froze.

The Vice Admirals froze.

Almost all the people who watched this scene were in a daze.

What did they… just seen?!

Can anyone tell them what just happened? Are they dreaming?!

At this moment, their chins almost hit the ground, and even Momonga and the other looked stoned.

When they saw how Naito blocked two of Akainu’s punches, they just thought that he didn’t use all of his strength. If things ended there, it would have been completely fine. But he got blown away by Naito, smashed every floor down, then hit the square at top speed. This cannot be explained!

Did he just use his fist?

I’m afraid that only Garp can do this kind of almost incredible thing, but Naito just did it too!

Doesn’t this mean that Naito’s strength is already comparable to Garp?!


At this moment, there seemed to be a thundering roar blasting in everyone’s ears. They finally realized why Naito can have the same status as Garp.

Although he’s only a Vice Admiral, he cannot be ordered, and he can also participate in high-level meetings. His status is almost equal to that of an Admiral…

There is only one reason, Naito’s strength can be compared to Garp!

Moreover, it seems he’s comparable to Garp at his peak!

A tie with Mihawk?

Until just now, there were still many people who didn’t believe it, but after this, everyone knew for a fact that he’s powerful enough even to kill him!

Even if he’s outplayed in terms of swordsmanship with such a terrifying power, he can just defeat him with raw strength.

“It turns out… to be true…”

When Momonga and the others finally realized it, a bit of bitterness appeared on their faces.

It turns out that Naito’s strength has long surpassed everyone, but he just wanted to learn swordsmanship, so he intentionally suppressed his power and competed with them.

This is also a very good explanation as to why no one has managed to make Naito take a step back.

What a joke!

Who can qualify to force Naito to retreat when he has the power to send Akainu flying with a single punch?!

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