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Chapter 10: Cooking club Golden Fried Rice

F.S Chapter 10: Food club Golden Fried Rice

Uehara Kōhei was a key member of the new club. He was busy collecting footage and news all over the school from morning till now. He didn’t want to go to the canteen and eat that plain looking food. He heard that the Food club was popular in the school and that the president was Yuuki Asuna herself, so he suddenly wanted to have a test.

But he didn’t expect that just as he came, Mu Fan received him and actually proposed a price of 2,000 yen for a bowl of fried rice.

“Your price is too expensive.”

Uehara Kōhei’s brows furrowed, in a restaurant in Tokyo a bowl of fried rice was from 800 to 1,000 yen, but Mu Fan actually made the price double.

Do you really think you are a professional chef or something?

Uehara Kōhei’s view of the club was a place where students cook. The student cooking is generally lower than the chefs outside. Mu Fan’s price was that of a black-hearted businessman.

On the side, Asuna looked at Mu Fan strangely. Although she heard that he made a delicious dish, she didn’t think that his price would be 2,000 yen. Wasn’t that a bit too expensive?

“Since I charge twice as expensive as the restaurant outside, what I will serve is naturally better than what they make. It’s worth the price, do you want to try and taste it?”

Mu Fan had long since expected Uehara Kōhei’s reaction, but he didn’t change the price. Although the price was a bit too high, it wasn’t surprising that he received a new task the moment Uehara Kōhei entered the club.

“Feed 100 student at the school’s cooking club within one week, you should earn up to 100,000 yen. You will be rewarded by an increase in your cooking skill and some Fantasy points. If the task failed, your cooking skill level will drop and you will be given another task.”

This task’s difficulty can be regarded as a high one. His plan just started it would be very difficult to get one hundred customers in just a week and failing would make his skill drop by one. Although Mu Fan’s cooking skill was at the second level, he estimated that dropping a level means he will forget how to make the things he got from that level.

Uehara Kōhei was his first customer. He didn’t want to let go of him so easily. The reason why the price was that high is to catch his attention and also because he needed money. Also, the system approved of this price.

Cooking Golden fried Rice and plain noodles is primary skills, He will sell both of them with the same price. The system confirming the price was a proof that the food he makes is twice as better as the ones on the outside.

Of course, this is where Mu Fan feels that his cooking skill level isn’t that high otherwise the price would’ve gone up again. If his level was three and he chose the ingredients himself than the price would be at least 3,000 yen.

“Isn’t this twice as expensive as the outside world? Give me a bowl first!”

Hearing Mu Fan saying that his food is worthy of such a price, Uehara Kōhei took a glance at Asuna and instead of leaving he calmed down. He wanted to show off in front of her as this was the first time he interacted with her. How can he not show off in front of the goddess of the school?

“Okay! Please wait, it will be here soon!”

Seeing that he just gained his first customer, Mu Fan was delighted.

“There is something else.”

Uehara Kōhei didn’t wait for Mu Fan to leave as he stopped him.

He said with a slight threat in his voice: “I’m Uehara Kōhei, I’m a member of the school’s newspaper club. If your Golden Fried Rice isn’t that good, then i will write about it and ask all the school to never come here again. I will say that you are an unworthy chef.”

Although the Golden Fried Rice was ordered, Uehara Kōhei was afraid that Mu Fan wanted to scam him so he gave away his identity in an attempt to warn him.

“Of course, no problem.”

Mu Fan nodded his head, The influence of the school press was very big in the school. As long as Uehara Kōhei posted something, many will come and look for trouble for him. But it was his fried rice. he wasn’t worried about this as he already cooked it before.

Asuna looked at Mu Fan curiously. In Fact, She was really curious in her heart. What did he dare to rely on to say that his rice was worthy of 2,000 yen?

This issue was related to the survival of the Cooking club, Mu Fan shouldn’t be making trouble for the club right?

In fact, The crisis the Club was facing right now was the number of members, but it wasn’t because people didn’t want to join the club, it was because all the people that tried to join had ulterior motives.

If Mu Fan can really cook, this crisis would be over, the number would enough. But if he screws up now, the people that didn’t have ulterior motives won’t join as they will know that the club tried to scam someone.

However, Asuna didn’t have any enmity with Mu Fan, and there is also Tendou’s praising his Rice.

She didn’t know why, but she felt that she could trust him. Perhaps he really can make the club better.

Seeing Mu Fan moving toward the kitchen, she hurriedly went after him.

After seeing Asuna behind him, Mu Fan smiled. According to Tendou, Asuna’s cooking was very delicious. Since he wanted to enter the club, he should show the president his level.

Mu Fan picked a fresh green onion and placed on the chopping board. The knife moved as if it was a phantom on his hand. The Green onion was cut uniformly as his hand moved. On the other side, Asuna was amazed by his knife skills that could only be acquired after years of cooking and holding a knife.

Mu Fan Focused on cooking and didn’t pay much attention to Asuna. After cutting the onion, he took an egg from the fridge and started separating the yolk from the white. Since there was still a lot of steamed rice from the afternoon, there is no need to make a new one which will save some time.

Uehara Kōhei was sitting on his chair was really hungry, he looked at Mu Fan who was busy at the kitchen and suddenly took a picture of him. Then he sent to the press club in the academy.

There were many people in this group, as everything that happens is posted here quickly. Many people saw the picture and saw the one who posted and started commenting.

“Hey, Uehara Kōhei. I didn’t see you this morning. Is that person cooking? Are you in a restaurant?”

However, after this comment, some people noticed something and directly asked: “No, Is that girl at the edge of the picture our Goddess, Yuuki Asuna?”

“Really, Uehara Kōhei’s classmate, just told us that he went toward the cooking club. are you really there?”

The fingers swiftly scrolled on the screen while reading the comments, Uehara Kōhei smiled proudly. He first came here because he was hungry, and the second reason was he wanted to meet Asuna.

He just didn’t expect that instead of eating for free he would pay 2,000 yen for a bowl of rice.

Uehara Kōhei out of revenge took a picture of the busy Mu Fan then he posted it and just now he commented.

“Yes, I’m at the Cooking club, and a student named Mu Fan from our school is a new member of the club. He is preparing to make a bowl of Rice named ‘Golden Fried Rice’ with a price of 2,000 Yen!”