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Chapter 2 : Strengthening

Chapter 2: strengthening 


It seems that the thing Garp was fiddling with is this sword.

This sword didn’t have any scabbard, the atmosphere was filled with a sharp aura. apparently, this sword is not normal.

Luo Ya was slightly surprised to see the sword in Garp’s hand.

“This is …”.

“its one of the 21 sabers, Honoo no Tsuki”.

Garp grinned and handed over the sword to Luo Ya then continued to say ” Before I heard you say that you wanted a sword, while I was destroying a pirate group I found this so I brought it back.”

The legendary swords are divided into three groups. That is the Shodai Kitetsu known as “Saijo Ô Wazamono” the most famous out of the three, comes after that the Nidai kitetsu known as “Ô Wazamono” and finally the Sandai kitetsu known as “Ryo Wazamono”.

One of the Shodai kitetsu is Kokuto Yoru the sword used by Mihawk the world strongest swordsman.

wanting to get one of the Shodai kitetsu is hard to even if it’s not much different from the Nidai kitetsu.

Garp didn’t come for a weak … did he go to get me this sword?

What found it when eradicating a pirate group? most likely he spent time and effort to find news about such sword in the sea.

No wonder Garp spent this month evading him … So this is why.

Garp action made Luo Ya that he belong in this place. He took the Hono Tsuki then said seriously “Thank you”.

“Ha ha ha, you smelly brat. Why suddenly being polite .”

Garp smiled at Luo Ya while his eyes flashed with warm light but in the next moment, he suddenly exposed a ferocious smile.

“You little brat this past month I heard that you were in the bottom of the bottom of all the recruits”.

His voice just fell then he suddenly stood up and knocked a fist on Luo Ya head.

“AAAAAAAAAH!!!” Luo Ya cried loudly.

The next moment the sword was pulled out of his hands then he looked at Garp desperately.

Luo Ya rubbed the swollen on his forehead looking at Garp and said: “Uncle Garp why did you hit me ?”

“No reason.”

Garp said to him while crossing his hands over his chest. Luo Ya was about to spurt blood from his mouth. Then Garp glanced at Luo Ya and continued: “By the way, I gave you a month of leave, for the next month I will train you personally. You have to be serious or … ” and he pointed out his fist.

“What ?”

Luo Ya feigned ignorance.

Garp instantly stared at him . he was ready to send him flying with a punch and said: “What you don’t want to ?”

“No, what I mean is … do we start tomorrow?”

Luo Ya wouldn’t refuse. He waited for this moment but because Garp was elusive before Luo Ya couldn’t ask him.

With Garp there, Luo Ya will get stronger easily but he has to put in some effort . some half-assed effort would be useless.

“Of course, the official training starts tomorrow. For now, go get some rest” upon seeing that Luo Ya is willing to practice he calmed down and smiled.

(Tl: wtf author is this a Chinese version of Garp … Garp wouldn’t let him rest -_- ).

Back in his room Luo Ya directly lied on his bed. He has to rest properly for tomorrow training but still checked on the system, with a thought the property bar popped up.

The first stage: broken sword of the soul +10 (the conditions to strengthening has been met )

Attributes: Attack Power +30

Enhanced energy: 10/10

It seems that there is no change.

Luo Ya yawned and turned to sleep.

But the next instant he opened his eye. Luo Ya mind stirred, you couldn’t see any bit of sleepiness in his eyes.

“This is … The condition has been fulfilled !! ”

Before whenever he looked that line was the same you didn’t fulfill condition but impressively this time the condition has been fulfilled.

Luo Ya calmed his heart and thought about it.

When he returned home he didn’t do anything other than Garp giving him Honoo no Tsuki …

His thought stopped suddenly.

That’s it.

There is anything else that could explain it.

after he comes home the only thing that could bring some change to the soul sword is him getting the Honoo no Tsuki.

“Is it necessary to get a sword ?”

Luo Ya eyes revealed a trace of enlightenment. But he didn’t know if it had to be one of the Nidai keitetsu or Sandai keitetsu.

But that’s not important now, what important is …

He can now continue to strengthen the soul’s sword.

The next moment with a thought from Luo Ya the sword in his soul appeared again.

He took a breath and after that, he didn’t hesitate and directly selected the strengthen option in the sword.

suddenly there was a humming sound.

at this moment a sudden change happened in the hazy space from before, a road made from golden energy appeared from nowhere and dissipated into the sword and filled the cracks that were in it.

Bright golden light wrapped the sword.

This is the first time this happened . The previous few times it wasn’t this intense.

While that golden energy enters the cracks in the sword, the sword began to exude little stars, it looked beautiful.

In Luo Ya was looking at those stars, the crack on the sword began disappearing .

“Sure enough this time’s strengthening brought a qualitative change even the cracks in the sword began to heal .” Luo Ya while observing the change in the sword couldn’t calm his heart. He was really excited.

Eventually, the cracks in the sword healed completely and the stars started to fade away finally the sword looked like an ancient sword and continued hanging in the air.

Then Luo Ya thought about the property bar once again and looked.

The second stage: the ancient sword of the soul +0

Attributes: attack power +40, power +10 (can have additional extraction of a property)

Enhanced energy: 0/20. (TL: this just an exp bar ).

Luo Ya could see that other than the attack power there was another attribute that is power +10 and this property wasn’t white like the other one but it was green.

Obviously, this is a more advanced attribute.

When his attack power increased he couldn’t feel it he probably can cause more damage but now when his power was enhanced he could clearly feel it.

Those 10 points in power didn’t seem like much but Luo Ya (Tl: I can change his name to Roja if you like it please say so in the comment ) could feel that his strength increased by at least thirty percent.

“It means that my body strength was only 30 point ?” Luo Ya then thought “Then how much is Garp’s power … ”

Ten or twenty thousands.

His mouth twitched a bit and he put this thought in the back of his head then once again looked at the property bar.

That Enhanced energy was 0/20 now so obviously if he wants to do more strengthening he needs 20 points there . So the difficulty went up after the last strengthening.

Each time he use the strengthening option the required energy will increase which Luo Ya already knew but it was just increasing by one in every strengthening but now it suddenly increased by ten.

Luo Ya is not surprised by the sudden increase.

what made him surprised is that beside the attack power +40 and power +10 there is the option to extract another property.

“That extra attribute … This is quite interesting, let’s try it”.

Luo Ya just thought. He didn’t need to move and above the property bar, a few words appeared.

[begin the extraction]

after those words appeared the word on property bar disappeared and then a variety of color of attribute flashed. Constantly changing colors

in addition to green, blue and purple, Luo Ya could see the golden property. But unfortunately, he didn’t see what property that was.

green and blue appeared the most, purple appeared less and the golden color flashed only once.

“Although I am not clear, it seems that the gold is the highest grade in the color then come the purple as a rare attribute … ” thought Luo Ya while looking at the colors flashing.

He didn’t know what kind of property will be extracted.