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G.O.S.S Chapter 541: Three Tailed Beast Captured.

“Don’t worry, Nagato went to capture the three-tailed beast, as long as he is successful, we can be considered winners.”

Black Zetsu stood beside Obito, assisting him in controlling the Edo Tensei army. His eyes were glittering as the plan was about to be completed.

He prepared even Indra and Ashura to be used in the Edo Tensei if required.

But once these two are revived, it was a huge risk. They were too powerful, and Edo Tensei won’t be enough to control them with just his power. He might be Kaguya’s third Son, but he didn’t have the other two’s power.

As long as things don’t require that step, he won’t use it.

As to what would require that… It’s Roja’s interference with them getting the Three-Tailed Beast, which is the worst-case scenario!

“This is good, as the fellows from the Mist withstand the Edo Tensei army, Roja won’t come out, and our plan would be successful.”

“If we increase the Quality of the summons, they would be defeated, and Roja would come out, and we would lose our chance to get the three tails.”

Standing in front of Obito, Black Zetsu said with a hoarse voice.

In the Land of Water, which is the region most difficult to reach as it was surrounded by water from all directions, two silhouettes could be seen at the coast.

One had short blue hair, and the other person was unable to stand as he was sitting in something like a four-wheeled vehicle.

“He was here.”

Nagato looked at the sea with his Rinnegan as if he saw through it. A giant turtle was moving in the sea, which was his target.

The three-tailed beast!

Konan was following Nagato’s direction as she seemed anxious.

“There is no longer any room for it to escape? Nagato.”

“Yes, it’s finally stopped.”

Nagato nodded. He was reaching the end of his life. His body, even as an Uzumaki, couldn’t withstand the power of the Rinnegan.

Nagato took a deep breath and concentrated, and Chakra surged out of his body into his palm.

“Konan, you retreat, I must concentrate on gathering chakra, and if you stay close, the technique might affect you…”

Konan’s face was filled with complex emotions as she looked at Nagato. She silently retreated several steps away from Nagato. She was clear that Nagato’s body won’t hold much longer.

However, as she retreated, her back touched someone.

She was startled.

Konan was terrified, someone discovered them. Moreover, he was this near to them?!

Looking back, she saw a man wearing black and white Haori that was fluttering by the wind slowly.

Looking at his face, Konan’s mind was racing now, shouldn’t he be by the Mist’s side for the war, why is he here?!

She dropped her guard, as she knew whatever she may do, she wouldn’t be able to stop him at all. It would be meaningless to be on guard.

As you already guessed, this is Roja.

“Is this worth it?”

Roja looked at Konan and asked: “For that hollow peace, Yahiko died, in no time, Nagato would die, you as well paid too much for this.”

Konan remained silent.

Discovering that Roja was the one behind her, Konan knew she could do nothing, but she still listened to his word, which made her drop her head down.

She wasn’t a person good with words, and she was the type to follow silently and help silently.

Yahiko saved her from the war, later Nagato inherited Yahiko’s will, so she continued to follow him.

Roja looked at Konan and shook his head, and he knew that Konan wasn’t suited to be a Shinobi, she was more the good wife and loving mother type. She wasn’t excessively gentle and not indifferent, as well.

Some distance away, Nagato didn’t sense Roja, and his full attention was on the Three-tailed beast.

“Chibaku Tensei!”

After gathering sufficient Chakra, Nagato shouted as he released a small black sphere into the air.

Intense Gravity erupted from the sphere above the sea as a huge turtle moved from the water into the sky.

The three-tailed beast roared as it tried to resist the attraction caused by Chibaku Tensei, but it was in vain as a huge water sphere formed in the sky.

Konan looked at this and gradually couldn’t help it and said to Roja.

“You must stop this from happening.”

She knew that she couldn’t do anything, but she still couldn’t help look at Roja and pleaded.

But Roja looked at her and shook his head.

He had a favorable impression of Konan in his previous life, although he didn’t know what she is thinking now. So he said.

“Uchiha Madara and Black Zetsu want to collect the tailed beasts, didn’t you question why? No, perhaps you already did but neglected the answer.”

“Since you’re not willing to give up, you can take the three-tailed beast, but Nagato can’t live much longer, you will know the true answer in the future.”

Roja looked at Konan and silently vanished.

Also, at this time, Nagato completed sealing the three-tailed beast and turned his head toward Konan and asked: “What happened now?”


Konan lifted her head and moved toward Nagato and said: “Since you caught the three tails, we should go back.”

“Yes, we should go back. They don’t need us to participate in the war.”

Although Nagato thought that something must’ve happened, he trusted Konan, and since Konan didn’t say anything, he didn’t ask again. He just looked toward the Mist that should be battling the Edo Tensei army and took a deep breath then nodded at Konan.

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