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G.O.S.S chapter 542: Outcome (part 1)

The terrain in front of the Mist village constantly changed due to the fight between several super kage level shinobis.

But the shock waves didn’t seem to affect the Village at all.

The scouts suddenly noticed something, the Mist army that comes didn’t participate in the war, only Mei and the others fought, with the seal team was sealing the Edo Tensei summons.

The Army stood in front of the village, anything that moved toward the village was stopped by them. It seemed as if their job being here is to prevent anything from reaching the village.

A huge rock moved toward Haku, who deflected it using his Ice which made it move toward the village.

At this time, more than a dozen of Shinobi from the Mist army stepped forward and directly used a collective water wall Jutsu.

The wall welcomed the rock and directly stopped it.

Even though the water wasn’t that strong defensively, it couldn’t be compared to Earth, for example, but with dozen of elite Jonin performing the Jutsu, it could withstand almost anything.

The scouts come to a conclusion right now. The mist was too powerful, it was a formidable force, and it made them deeply fear it.

“I won’t be able to face master if I can’t win this.”

Kimimaro was resisting the lightning Jutsu thrown at him by two Raikages as his vision became tranquil.

Anyone facing two Raikages and Sarutobi Hiruzen together would be terrifyingly vigilant, but Kimimaro was annoyed. Instead, he could deal with them together, and he could fight them, but not finish them off.
If they weren’t Edo Tensei’s summons, they would’ve already died a few times right now. They could only be sealed to stop them.


Kimimaro directly attacked again, this time he didn’t draw a sword, but a spear as he moved toward the third Raikage.

As they were controlled by the Edo Tensei, their bodies moved on instinct, all three of them executed their respective technique.

But this time, Kimimaro wasn’t aiming to cut them, he was aimed just to hit them and redirect them somewhere else.

It seemed like he didn’t put much strength behind his attacks right now, suddenly Kimimaro stopped nad said with concentration.

“Shikotsumyaku… Dance of the Seedling Fern!”

Terrifying Chakra erupted from his body as a weird sound came from the earth.

Wouch! Wocuh! Wouch!

In a flash, innumerable bone spears emerged from the ground covering their battlefield.

The third Raikage and the others directly used their strongest defense.

“Lightning Armor Level 3!”

“Storm Release: Thunder Cloud Inner Wave!”

“Earth Release: Earth Dome!”

All three techniques were used at the same time.

The earth shook at the powerful techniques used, the terrain changed completely, and a new map was needed for this place.

Various Sensors from different villages could sense the chakra eruption from the battlefield, and some of them even fainted.

“What a terrifying power…”

The others were shocked beyond comprehension from the might of the technique used, and it can be said this was the strongest technique used since the start of the war.

All the people were looking at Kimimaro’s battlefield, which was now filled with bones.

In the center, the second and third Raikages, along with the third Hokage and all around them was a forest of bones, just looking at it would make anyone’s heart tremble.

Obviously, the three Kages resisted Kimimaro’s attack.

“Blocked it?”

The second Raikage shouted.

Sarutobi, with a startled heart, said: “Although your attack is very strong, it didn’t have any fontal power, we each have a weakness you can…”

Without waiting for him to finish, Kimimaro appeared with a tranquil look, as he said.

“Don’t trouble yourself, the Third Hokage, because… This fight already ended.”

“Shikotsumyaku… Dance of the Seedling Fern!”

The forest of bones suddenly started moving and formed a terrifying meat grinder.

The three kages were impaled and cut all over.

After two seconds, kimimaro appeared again as he looked at the Kages who were partially destroyed and said.

“Sealing team!”

Kimimaro addressed the sealing team to complete their job by sealing these three Kages. Finally, everyone awoke from their shock as the sealing team rushed and sealed them.

Everyone knew that Kimimaro was strong, but they didn’t expect his strength to reach such a high level.

Kimimaro Vs. Second Raikage, Third Raikaga, and Third Hokage ended.

Winner, Kaguya Kimimaro!

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